The Tools You Should Be Using Instead of To-Do Lists

To-do lists are one tool, but in our opinion, overused.

A to-do list is a great way to choose the easiest tasks to do, independent of how effective they are and how much they matter for your goals. You'll naturally seek out the easiest items from a to-do list instead of the ones that need to get done.

Both Dr. Anthony Gustin and myself have converted over the last several months to using a to-do list as a way to schedule blocks of time on our calendar to align with our goals.

For example, rather than having a to-do list with 1,000 random things on it, identify your goals and what you are trying to actually get done.

Then write down the tasks necessary to achieve that goal.

Open your calendar, block out time to get that set of things completed.

We have been using an app called Be Focused, which allows you to set up time intervals for working. I personally do 25 minutes on / 5 minutes off (Anthony is way cooler than me so he does 30 on / 5 off).

So it looks like this: Goal is set --> Figure out tasks that need to be done NEXT --> put those on a list --> Take out your calendar, schedule a block of time to work on the next actionable steps --> Structure these blocks in cycles of work/rest time for maximum impact

This Week's Challenge

Get an app or clock or sun dial or hour glass, identify your goals, make a list of tasks, block that time off, and get it done!!