We have been trained from a very young age to suck at the way the real world operates.

In school, we prepare cyclically for tests. We spend 3 months in a class preparing for a midterm and then a final. After taking those tests and receiving your grade, so long as you pass, there is no self-evaluation of how you could have done better to improve. It’s off to the next class to repeat the 1-off performance measurement.

The real world doesn’t work this way. You can try, fail, tweak, try, fail, tweak, try, improve. etc.

This goes against how we have been trained for so many years in our life, to prepare for a test we only ever take once.

In business, you get to review your ‘score’ and then re-take the test. Essentially everyday.

What we find most useful is doing this on a monthly basis. Having metrics that you check in on each month is essentially your ‘test’. Based on the results, you can change course and modify as needed.

The mentality in that case is way different. You aren’t thinking how ‘I have to crush it this month or I am a failure’ since reality isn’t a one-off thing.