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Business Community

We can’t overemphasize the importance of having a business community; people to learn from, to help, and to help you when needed.

We believe this needs to be a bigger resource for people that is easily available, which is why we have created a free business community channel on Slack.

Click here for instructions on how to join.

Enjoy this episode and we hope to have you join the HFB Community.



Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 41 and it’s about business community and why when you’re in business for yourself, you need a business community. This is non episode to miss especially for those of you who are trying to build your own business. Community is essential and in this episode at the end, we have a challenge that we really hope you don’t pass up on this week because it’s about how we are helping build a business community. So, without further ado, let’s tune in to this episode and make sure to listen until the end so you can take us on the Challenge of the Week.

Ryan: Welcome.

Anthony: Welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of the Health Fit Business podcast.

Ryan: This is episode, I don’t know but…

Anthony: 24 I think.

Ryan: I have a feeling for the, you know, whatever, six or seven people who listen to this, they’re saying “Oh my gosh! I was really scared. You guys didn’t post a podcast for two weeks.”

Anthony: You didn’t post them? I thought you were posting them. I thought you said you’re going to record by yourself and post?

Ryan: Well, things came up and I…

Anthony: Okay, I’ll take the fall here. Okay, everyone, I apologize. I think we’re double digits so I can count… Still underneath fingers and toes but above hands so you think we can get over 10? Over 20?

Ryan: Yeah. I understand.

Anthony: Anyway…

Ryan: You’ve been on quite the adventures recently which made it challenging for us to be able to record. What were you doing?

Anthony: I apologize. I have… I was in Japan, working from there for a couple of weeks and then I got back and I was sick and jetlagged and got an office. I have been setting that up here in San Francisco and then with Austin, rebranded PureWOD into to Equip which has been process in itself. Training new hires is just, it’s been kind of everything that could be happening at once so I apologize. I’ll take the fall.

Ryan: I was going to do, like a solo episode.

Anthony: The subject would have been “Just Ryan talking” and everybody would have listen to it.

Ryan: We would have almost hit 30 listeners for that episode. I just thought it wouldn’t be the same. How would I do the, how would I say, “Welcome to the Health. Fit…” and then nothing would happen for ten minutes and now I would just be the end. “Alright. That’s it. Now get after it.” Okay. So, it’s good to be back. Nothing happened. We just got busy with various crazy things.

Anthony: Yeah. But thank you for the, I think there was maybe one person who said, “Can you guys please release an episode?”

Ryan: There was several emails and messages on the “Hey, where’s the thing?” So…

Anthony: Thank you, guys.

Ryan: Yeah. We appreciate that. This episode…

Anthony: This episode is about, me running around like a crazy person. I went to Paleo Fx this last weekend, which is a big conference for all things kind of whole food-related, and wonder that… So, I was thinking about it for three straight years, having a booth. There’s a big vendor area and there’s a speaker area. The vendor area, one of the things that I realized is the importance of business community and helping each other. When something that most people want to start a business think that’s competitive endeavor, when creating a community is in working together is a much more effective way to approach things. And so, we’ll chat about that a little bit.

Ryan: Yeah. So, at this conference, Paleo Fx. Wait, you say you were in Japan for like two and a half weeks or something like that?

Anthony: Yeah. Two weeks.

Ryan: And then you got back and you were back for like four days and then you went to Paleo Fx?

Anthony: For like two days.

Ryan: And weren’t you in Costa Rica for…

Anthony: I was in Panama, Puerto Rico before that for like two weeks after.

Ryan: Oh Doctor!

Anthony: And then in regionals in two days.

Ryan: Where is it for you, guys?

Anthony: San Diego.

Ryan: Oh okay. Nice.

Anthony: And then, hopefully we’ll be with each other in June 11th.

Ryan: Yes. We shall see in Minneapolis. For those of you listeners, if you’re in Minneapolis there’s going to be a Health Fit Biz talk at the… I think it’s Northwestern Health Sciences, the chiropractic school there. We’ll be doing a talk and hopefully the doctor, Anthony Gustin, will be joining me.

Anthony: We’ll see. It’s hometown. Going to make it home.

Ryan: We shall see. So, the importance of business community and you know so what else going to say about that was a Paleo Fx essentially, you said all the businesses there they do essentially like food based paleo.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Food consumable…

Anthony: Food supplements. Lifestyle… Lifestyle stuff.

Ryan: So, it’s like all the competitor brands within the Paleo world getting together like that would be an outsider’s perspective like how you’re spending the weekend next to the person who runs the business that you “compete with”. How does that work?

Anthony: So, the way I kind of seen how the stuff is developed is there’s two ways you can think about things and I think we talked about this before but you can either have a scarcity mindset, thing is there’s not enough going around, or an abundance mindset where everybody can help each other and learn from each other and grow and grow in the market instead of trying to take all the pipe themselves. So, you are always going to have a few bad apples and like there’s a I could count if we are going to use the same counting system.

Ryan: Fingers and toes.

Anthony: On one hand out of, you know, many many many like dozens and dozens of companies. The ones that are supposed to have scarcity mindset where you can tell like… I mean, last year when we first started the HFT stuff and I was in CrossFit games and I was talking to “competitors” and trying to just…

Ryan: Yeah. I remember that. I was there with you and I’m watching you ask this companies pointed questions about the…

Anthony: You can tell quickly if somebody is like wants to be a competitor versus just wants to grow out the space. So, the mentality, and I talked about this before, my goal is to increase the availability of whole food supplements and ketone supplements for people. And so, if somebody else is doing that as well and getting the job done that helps me reach my goal. And so not only that, I mean if one company is doing well and doing great stuff it’s going to just increase the awareness of say ketone supplements or whole food products and everybody wins. So, you’ll find out quick who the people are that aren’t going to be contributing or looking at things as a competitive nature where they they are the only ones that people should be referring to. There are several times where I refer people to other supplements and other companies like people on it are awesome. There are companies that I really really admire. They’re I’ve sent several people their way for their MCT oil. Another company called Too Fit, it’s another supplement company almost like a direct competitor. We were talking about email marketing and how to pull triggers and a bunch of stuff. There’s a company called Caveman Coffee. Great people where it’s like, three years ago I learned how to do shipping from them and now we’re talking about doing website stuff this year. It’s becoming a several years process where everybody has been helping each other and seeing everybody else grow. And the importance that community of like feeling like you’re not the only one that doesn’t know what the hell you’re doing. It was like how I feel.

Ryan: From an outsider’s perspective, you see a company and they appear to be doing well and it’s like you know the front stage so to speak looks really good but everyone’s backstage, people’s backstage can be messy.

Anthony: Yeah. So, I learned a ton this weekend from other business owners and I also help a bunch of other business owners myself from what I’ve learned, trying to help them skip spots where I have problems in the past as well. And this is our very long-term thing that has been happening in like, this community of business owners is has been fantastic and it’s the mentality of having an abundance of a market to go around like 3% of people knew us, call us the Paleo diet.

Ryan: It’s not a large percentage.

Anthony: Let’s work on a 97% and so try to rip each other down. That’s what I’m trying to get here.

Ryan: Yeah.

Anthony: And so, I think that people can bring us back to, I mean obviously not everyone’s going to apply to go to an event and meet other company in that space but having like almost a local and do like, we talked about before mastermind groups, and there’s like that but thinking of other people in your space not as competitors but places where you can learn and help each other. I think it’s a much different way that people are used doing things. So, like for instance, if you’re a chiro and you have another person down the road instead of just obvious talking bad about them and kind of thinking about them as competitor there’s going to be something where you can refer to them and vice versa and working together to figure out how to do marketing your events and community building as can be much more effective way to grow your businesses. Also, you see, I have awesome time like I have a blast hanging out with all these people. Amazing. And so like would you rather have a good time grow the awareness of your business with other business owners or always try to worry and stress out about them taking some of your business?

Ryan: Yeah. I would…

Anthony: Yeah. It’s a huge mentality thing.

Ryan: So yeah, there’s no, to give another example on my end, there’s no really example of a Paleo Fx for what I do and, well, if there is I…

Anthony: Yeah. I mean, I think that’ll perform better some kind of like that but not…

Ryan: None in the same way but… So, for example,

Anthony: Why don’t we make one for Movement?

Ryan: Yeah. We should do that, a Paleo Fx but for Movement. Let’s do that.

Anthony: If anyone wants to do a seminar where companies going to be there and people speak about Movement that has experience at event planning…

Ryan: Why don’t we do that? Well, I guess today is the day that it started.

Anthony: If anyone wants to do that or help us, we got enough time to plan an event but some people wants to help us out, please reach out. Let’s just do this.

Ryan: Yeah. That’s actually a great idea. To get to my, back to the example, so I’ll have people on my podcast who I think others would consider them my…

Anthony: Mortal enemies.

Ryan: My mortal enemies or well, they do workshops too or they talk about a lot of the same things that you do. I’m like “Good. I could probably learn something from them and maybe they give me ideas of things that I’ve never thought and vice versa.” And then usually after I record podcast with “competitors”, we send each other emails and messages all the time of like “Hey, have you ever thought about doing this?” or “Have you ever thought about that?” “How are you approaching that?” or “How are you pushing this?” And it helps us both. It’s not like, well, if I’m nice to people or I’m helpful to somebody suddenly my business is going to fail. Right? It doesn’t work that way.

Anthony: It’s awful…

Ryan: In fact, it makes you a happier person, generally. Being nice and working with other people, you know, we are, human beings are relational and so to think that you have to be an isolation with your business is really destructive. So, not only it will help you personally but it will help your business and those probably go hand and hand. If you’re happier and you’re working with people and you don’t feel like isolated and you feel like you do have people you could reach out to that will in turn help your business just because your mentality will be better. So, there are, as you said though, there’s just certain people or companies that don’t approach it that way and hopefully they at some point realize that…

Anthony: Just give the space and let them do their thing. So, don’t try to force it but find the people in whatever business you’re trying to do that are doing similar stuff and I would say reach out to them and if you respect their stuff like I use it as an example their product development is fantastic. Product development is one of my favorite thing. So, I try to make them, how they approach them and how they think about that is really interesting to me. And all super cool guys and gals, like it’s just, they know exactly what kind of products I’m doing that they’re not a direct competitor but they’re definitely our competition in some regard. 12:39

Ryan: Yeah. It’s in the same general world of products and solutions and things. So, we have an idea. I mean beyond the one that we had mid podcast.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: We want to do something to help grow this larger community and get you know people helping people and changing the mindset from scarcity to abundance and how can we all grow and help each other to make the changes that we want to see. We were considering two options. One was the Facebook group for Health Fit Business.

Anthony: Struck it down.

Ryan: But you struck that down. Why?

Anthony: Because I would never be on it. I have gone on Facebook maybe two times in the last six months and it was a check like ad stats probably from one of my pages. Facebook in my opinion is a giant distraction. They had set it up to get people to get in there and keep looking at bunch of stupid things so they can sell people ads. It’s great if you have a product you’re trying to do it for other people but as a person trying to get stuff done I do not think it’s a good platform to create groups and have it on it because it a pure distraction element. So, one of the tools that you use for business is Slack and so if you haven’t heard of that it’s kind of like a cross between a Facebook group and an email chain. And so, you can share a bunch of files and you can collaborate in a different kind of chat rooms or direct messages. And so, I think if this podcast is Health Fit Business and it’s a tool we use for business, why don’t we just teach people for free how to use Slack while building a community of all people who are listening to this podcast. So, we’re going to build a Slack channel as of today.

Ryan: So yeah. You could think of a Slack channel, again if you are unfamiliar with Slack as being the main almost like chat room and then within a Slack channel there will be the hashtags. Are those called something different?

Anthony: I don’t know. Rooms, chat… I don’t know what it is.

Ryan: There’s like…  

Anthony: Yeah. You can segment streams of chat by topics for example. So, you can, when you’re in marketing or whatever you guys want, and then we can go on there and help answer questions and kind of grow and help each other learn as well as trying to grow on scale and do more impactful things. So, if you’re down to actually grow a business this is why we’re doing it on Slack and not Facebook because it is a tool you’re going to use anyways.

Ryan: Yes. So, if you’re listening to this and you go “How the heck do I get started with the Slack channel?” Go to healthfit.biz/slack and at that link there will be instructions on how to join the Slack channel with screenshots and what it looks like and all that stuff so you can join. Now the more people that join and use it the more valuable it is for everybody. So, we highly encourage you, if you’re serious about building community and getting better and improving your skills go to the Movement Fix or… the Movement Fix?

Anthony: How many times have you done that?

Ryan: How many times do I said that, right? It’s just built into my brain patterns. Go to healthfit.biz/slack, S-L-A-C-K, and there will be instructions there and… Oh it’s free!

Anthony: That’s free. We’re not going to be much charging you for anything. It’s not a subscription model, we’re just…

Ryan: Yeah. Pay us $49 a month to join our Slack channel like that’s not what we’re doing here. We just, I kind of want this for me too because it’s amazing how many ideas come from other people who just think about the world differently or have different life experiences or different previous business experiences that can bring a lot to the table so…

Anthony: Right. Chair full of knowledge. It’s helpful.

Ryan: Yes. Yes.

Anthony: So yeah. It’s called Slack because it means searchable log of all communication, did you know of that?

Ryan: What?

Anthony: Because you can search everything forever and you can upload files and files stay uploaded…

Ryan: That’s why it’s called Slack?

Anthony: Yup.

Ryan: I thought it was, I guess I didn’t really know.

Anthony: Fun fact of the day.

Ryan: Like Ryan slacking off and it’s much easier to store everything here.

Anthony: Nope. Searchable logs of all communications.

Ryan: All… What’s the K?

Anthony: I think they just kind of added and then to make it a real word.

Ryan: Yeah. I like that better. I like it with the K. They made a good choice.

Anthony: I agree. Anyway, we’ll have that up running hopefully before this gets launch to which, I mean it’s super easy to set up. So, we’re going to set that up. And what else? So, the COW would be the Challenge of the Week for you guys who are new to the podcast.

Ryan: J up. Join up.

Anthony: Yup.

Ryan: Go to the Health Fit…  go to the Slack channel. Join, say hello…

Anthony: I have two challenges.

Ryan: Oh.

Anthony: Obviously, join the Slack channel, if you don’t do that bummer. Two, reach out to someone you otherwise think as a competitor and ask them a question that you’ve been having a problem with.

Ryan: Ooh.

Anthony: And then we’ll make a channel at Slack to see who does that and not. We should make a COW channel at Slack and we should post every week the COW and see who does it. We should also do a Daily Domination Journal…

Ryan: Yeah. yeah.

Anthony: That is like “What are your top three promises of the day?” and then check on the day and see does it or not.

Ryan: Alright. So, this is getting real.

Anthony: And send those people free shit or whatever.

Ryan: If you’re ready to go the next level here you got to get on Slack. That’s I mean that’s essentially the moral of story right now. I think I mean let’s do this. Let’s get after it.

Anthony: Yup. Get after it guys. And gals.

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.