The adjacent possible is where magic happens.

By having multiple areas of expertise, business opportunities present themselves to you when they are seemingly invisible or impossible to others.

Once you've established a high level of knowledge in one particular area, real growth occurs not from becoming MORE of an expert in just that area, but by developing other skills and abilities.

Think about Arnold Schwarzenegger. The reason he had such epic roles in movies was because he had multiple things that made him a unique fit and that opened up doors for roles that were impossible for others. He is great actor, he was a professional bodybuilder, etc.

If he never was a body builder, but just an actor who spent all his time just trying to get better at acting, he wouldn't be cast for those roles.

Since he had those different qualities and skills, it allowed him to do things others couldn't.

The same thing is true in the heatlhcare and fitness industries.

Once you achieve a high enough level in those particular fields, opportunities will arise that you can take advantage of if you broaden your skill set.

Anthony and I, for example, have developed enough web skills over the last 4 years to make Movement Providers in a weekend, blending our understanding of what referring clinicians want with the technical requirements of a listing website.

There are countless other examples.

The question is, are you currently trying to broaden your skills or are you chasing perfection in one particular area?

We need people who are experts and specialists in one particular area. If that is you and what you want, become the expert. Be laser focused on that one particular subject.

If you want to combine unique abilities and take advantage of the adjacent possible, choose an area you want to develop and pursue it with intent.

This Week's Challenge

Decide the area of expertise you want to grow in.