On this week's episode, Anthony and I have our first guest Dr. Carl Baird, owner of Evolve Performance Healthcare out of Portland, OR.

We were in Portland working on a secret awesome project (details coming sometime soon...) and stopped by Dr. Carl's office to record this week's episode.

Carl is a rehab-based chiropractor and started Evolve Performance Healthcare as a cash-based clinic from the beginning.

In this episode Carl shares with us the best methods he uses to help patients understand the value they are getting from seeing him out of network, how he gets them to 'buy in' to the concept, communication tools he uses, and more.

One of my favorite things about Carl and Evolve is how fun an environment it is. When you walk in, its bright, open, and there is a basketball hoop mounted to a beam. There are surfboards on the wall and the vibe is really positive.

When we talked with Carl about this, he shared an exercise he used to figure out how to truly make the clinic reflect him, his mission, and positivity.

I loved his attitude about making the clinic what he wanted it to be, not what it is 'supposed to be'.

Who wants to go to some stuffy, depressing clinic? There is no rule that says 'a clinic must have xyz, be boring, use ugly colors, etc.'.

A clinic can be whatever you want it to be. Your imagination (and some laws) are the only limit.

This Week's Challenge

Do the exercise we discuss at the end of the podcast.