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35 - Find Your Next Pylon - Health Fit Biz




Find Your Next Pylon

This episode will hit home for a TON of people.

We get asked all the time ‘how did you know you wanted to be doing what you’re doing now?’

The answer? We had no freaking clue.

If you asked Anthony or me 2 or 3 years ago what our ‘next move’ was, it wouldn’t be anything that we are doing now.

Getting hung up on decisions that aren’t obvious to you yet or thinking about what actions you should be taking that are 4 or 5 steps away is not the way to make progress. At the current moment, you can’t know what to do in a given scenario or at a given time until you are actually THERE.

And how do you get there? You progress toward the next obvious pylon. You work your ass off to complete the next obvious thing.

Example: When I first graduated school, I was not focused on ‘how do I make a daily domination journal?’ or ‘what online course should I make?’. I was thinking: The next obvious step for me is to get a clinic up and running and become profitable. Once that is completed, your next move is more clear.

Getting worried about what decision to make in the future that you aren’t in a position to act upon is wasted effort.

Focus on your next move. Dominate your next move. Then (and only then) will your next steps become apparent.

While someone else is dreaming about being on the summit of the mountain, you’re climbing and getting it done.

This Week’s Challenge

Stop worrying about the 6th or 7th pylon ahead and start making your way toward your NEXT obvious pylon and….



Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 35 and what we covered in this episode is worrying about… You know, people have this idea of “Oh I need to know what I’m going to be doing in three years” or “I need to know what I’m going to be doing in five years” or “How am I supposed to know what’s going to be happening?” And that prevents them taking the obvious next step that’s right in front of them. They’re worrying about strategic decisions or what they’re going to be doing or thinking in a couple of years and the only way to know that is by doing what’s right in front of you right now and seeing what reveals itself at that point. So, we get into it more in this episode on that topic. Let’s listen in to episode number 35.

Ryan: Welcome back to the episode number 35 of the Health…

Anthony: Fit Business…

Ryan: Business podcast. I’m your co-host Dr. Ryan Debell and the other co-host is… Introduce.

Anthony: I’m Anthony.

Ryan: Dr. Anthony Gustin. This episode, what we’re going to talk about is something that I have been having a lot of conversations. You see my arms in the air? I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about this recently. And this is people so worried about what they’re going to be doing in three years they’re blind to their next step.

Anthony: Ooh! This is good. This is great.

Ryan: I have this conversation with somebody once a week. They go “Ah! I just don’t know what I want to do. Do I want to like this? Or I want…” You need to focus on what your next step is because the head gets in the clouds and you do nothing but ponder what you’re going to be doing in three to five years.

Anthony: Yeah. I don’t know what the hell I’m going to be doing in three to five years.

Ryan: Did you think in three years ago you would be doing what you are doing right now?

Anthony: Two years ago, none of this stuff that I’m doing right now existed as a possibility in my mind. Two years ago.

Ryan: So, I’m going to give an example and you give an example.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: So, somebody was asking me like “How did you know that this is what you wanted? Like, how did you know you wanted to be doing what you’re currently doing?” And I said, “I didn’t know.” What I did was I did the next step that seemed obvious. So, for example, graduated and I went “I’m going to start a clinic.” So, I started a clinic. I wasn’t thinking about like “I’m going to write a Daily Domination Journal and do a Health Fit Business Podcast and I’m going to make movementproviders.com with Dr. Anthony Gustin and we’re going to drink a lot of LaCroix in his kitchen and eat a lot of walnuts and stuff.” I wasn’t thinking about that. I was like “Alright. I am going to go talk at gyms to market my office. Alright. Well, now I’m going to go do some like live events and then, well, maybe I’ll start a Movement Fix Podcast and then…” I wasn’t thinking about like how to do I do XYZ in three years for when I have to do this other thing because what you’re going to be doing in three years… Am I getting preachy?

Anthony: No. This is great.

Ryan: What you’re going to be doing… What you’re going to be doing… I have to back out from microphone. What you’re going to be doing in three to five years you can’t comprehend unless you take the prerequisite steps because you don’t know what that looks like. So, here’s a good example, it was from a book, maybe it was from Bryan Tracy book, I don’t know.

Anthony: You’re idol.

Ryan: BT. Okay! In the desert, the Sahara, there’s a road and on that road, there are these… Do I want to say, oil drums or beacons of some sort? Now due the curvature of the Earth you can only see, let’s say…  I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t matter. Four miles, okay? You could… How far can you see in the horizon? Do you know? Let’s just say four miles, alright? Not try to… Okay, four miles. So, when it gets windy, the road gets covered with sand so how do you know where to go? Because that little pylon is just far enough so that you can see the next pylon and the one behind you is just far enough away so that you can see the one before you and the one after you. But you can’t see the pylon that’s 20 miles away. How do you see the pylon that’s 20 miles away? You got to get like to the next four pylons. You see what I’m saying? So, stop worrying about what, where the pylon 20 miles away is when you should just be working your way towards the next one so you can find where the next one is and then where’s the next one and then there’s… Because you don’t know where it is until you get there.

Anthony: You can’t see what doors you’re going to open if you don’t walk on the hallway, baby.  

Ryan: Oh! That’s some matrix number three two stuff right there, huh? The key master right here. Let’s go jump on some semi-trucks over the freeway, bro.

Anthony: So, I have kind of a similar thing. I was also a chiro once upon a time and I was helping people. Nutrition became a huge thing. Lack of them, being able to have access to real nutrition became a thing. But I saw is something that need to be fixed. Leap forward two years and now I have several companies that deal with approaching this problem and I don’t even do the day to day chiro stuff like I’m in to that in the first place.

Ryan: That’s your journey, son! You just win a no no!

Anthony: Even our Health Fit Biz stuff like we do. And I think we talked about this in a previous episode as well like we didn’t set out to make a journal like our podcast in recognizing talking about this stuff where people are having a hard time with, what we’ve had a hard time with. Our kind of progression through this whole stuff and like figuring out everything we’ve done that eventually lead to the journal but that wasn’t like we started a podcast to make a journal.

Ryan: Right. That would be two pylons away. We wouldn’t even know that making a journal was something that we wanted to do unless we just did the first thing and that seemed like the next decision which was make a podcast.

Anthony: Right. And so, this goes a lot back to the previous episode. Episode 34? When I was talking about trying to figure out what you don’t know, upgrading skills. If you’re complacent then you can expect your life to look the same in five, ten, twenty, fifty, sixty years from now unless you’re dead which is I’m not doing anything different therefore this is the way it will be in twenty years from now.

Ryan: This is like some slide edge stuff right here.

Anthony: Like you don’t know what doors you’re going to be able to open if you don’t walk on the hallway. That’s just a simple simple fact. So, you just keep pushing things forward. Opportunities will come then you can take that one and that will lead somewhere else like Perfect Keto came from doing PureWOD and understanding trends in supplement that people needed. So, like I wouldn’t have been like two years ago when we’re playing Xbox and I said… And this was… I don’t even think… It’s March 7th. I don’t even think it was even two years ago yet.

Ryan: Man, I haven’t played… I haven’t played multiplayer… What you would play? Call of Duty?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: I haven’t played that two years online. Holy crap!

Anthony: There’s this discussion like “Hey Ryan, I’m going to start a company.” Didn’t even happen two years

Ryan: Oh, hold on I just knifed somebody.

Anthony: Let alone, it wasn’t like “Hey Ryan, I’m going to start this company and then in three years I’m also going to start this thing, these other businesses with you and then have another supplement company and then do this and that.” Like it wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t a goal.

Ryan: Yeah. You weren’t like… We were playing Call of Duty and you were like “Man, how do I make the label for Perfect Keto?”

Anthony: “How do I make Ketones testing strips?”

Ryan: But that’s the problem. People are worried about what is down six door away and they don’t walk through the first freakin’ door yet.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: So, when people say “Hey Anthony! How did you know what to do?” “I knew what to do because when I got to that point I saw what to do.”

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: But you can’t… You’re not a fortune teller.

Anthony: Yup but one foot in front of the other.

Ryan: Where it goes analogy after analogy. You know? I don’t know what footwork I’m going to do. Climbing Mt. Everest when I’m at basecamp one trying to think about the summit like you get to that sit… Okay, I’ve watched a movie…  

Anthony: What are you crunching on there?

Ryan: These are walnuts, bro. What’s the fat in walnut? Is it LA?

Anthony: It doesn’t really matter that I can convert much to useable human form but…

Ryan: Really?

Anthony: Yeah. It doesn’t really matter.

Ryan: That’s why am I eating.

Anthony: You get more and I make a six hour of that or anything. That taste is why you eat them.

Ryan: That’s why I get super inflamed?

Anthony: I’m sure.

Ryan: I’m sure it ain’t Snickers, huh?

Anthony: Yeah. You wouldn’t have known to eat the Snickers if you didn’t eat the walnut first. And that’s the whole point.

Ryan: You can’t worry about the small shit, man. Look here’s my point. I watched a movie on Mt. Everest. They have the guy in Planet of the Apes in it that I like but I don’t know whose name.

Anthony: (actor’s name)

Ryan: No. He wasn’t on Planet of The Apes. The other guy that like he’s taller with curly hair.

Anthony: James Franco.

Ryan: No no no. James Franco? I am not talking about the interview.

Anthony: Bryan Cranston?

Ryan: That’s the guy from Breaking Bad.

Anthony: James Franco, bro, was in Planet of The Apes.

Ryan: What? Oh yeah yeah yeah. No no no. Hold on. It was the internet movie database thing live while we do this.

Anthony: Okay okay.

Ryan: But my point is this, when I’m at basecamp one… Oh, okay. I found it. When I’m at basecamp one, I don’t what my exact hand holds are going to be. You know when I get up there like you can’t worry about that. He’s name is… Hold on.

Anthony: I think this is probably not the greatest because people, you have to train a lot and figure how to do all these skills necessarily before they climb Everest and never going to do that but… Yeah.

Ryan: You get the idea. Jason Clarke, okay? Jason Clarke.

Anthony: Yeah. I understand we’re trying to get out here but yes. Opportunities are never clear until you take opportunities that precede them.

Ryan: That’s a much better way to say it than looking up the guy who’s playing the role in Everest. Thank you, Anthony.

Anthony: You’re welcome.

Ryan: Always keep me grounded, man.

Anthony: You can have goals for three years from now, five years from now with the things you’re doing. But don’t let that cement you into that mindset. My goals three and a half years ago about what I want to do with chiro stuff in five years. But now those goals are completely wiped off my spreadsheet because that’s just not what I’m doing anymore and there’s this not what the path that I went on taking me to.

Ryan: Yeah. And you just don’t know. You just don’t know until you walk it. So, to summarize this episode, stop worrying about the maneuvers you need to take when you need to worry about how to get to the next pylon or get to the next door away because you just don’t know until you trek along and figure out the situation at that point. Otherwise, you get paralyzed. You’re too worried about things that you cannot take action on and it slows you down from achieving what you really wanted to.

Anthony: Challenge of the Week would be…

Ryan: The Challenge of the Week is this: Identify what is the next step that is obvious to you to take and then do it. And then once you get to that point and you complete whatever it is you’re trying to complete, figure out the next thing and then when you look back you go “Oh that was the path.” But there’s no way you knew the path until you took it.

Anthony: That’s pretty much the entire theme of this podcast and everything that we’re doing. Trying to help people. Right?

Ryan: Yeah. And you got to you know, what boots to wear blah blah blah. So, that’s what the other… Okay, I’m done. I’ve had Dewey Walnuts.

Anthony: Not enough like LaCroix or too much?

Ryan: Or not enough of both. Okay, so that’s the Challenge of the Week. Identify the next pylon and go… Anthony and Ryan: Get after it.

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.