Find Your Next Pylon

This episode will hit home for a TON of people.

We get asked all the time 'how did you know you wanted to be doing what you're doing now?'

The answer? We had no freaking clue.

If you asked Anthony or me 2 or 3 years ago what our 'next move' was, it wouldn't be anything that we are doing now.

Getting hung up on decisions that aren't obvious to you yet or thinking about what actions you should be taking that are 4 or 5 steps away is not the way to make progress. At the current moment, you can't know what to do in a given scenario or at a given time until you are actually THERE.

And how do you get there? You progress toward the next obvious pylon. You work your ass off to complete the next obvious thing.

Example: When I first graduated school, I was not focused on 'how do I make a daily domination journal?' or 'what online course should I make?'. I was thinking: The next obvious step for me is to get a clinic up and running and become profitable. Once that is completed, your next move is more clear.

Getting worried about what decision to make in the future that you aren't in a position to act upon is wasted effort.

Focus on your next move. Dominate your next move. Then (and only then) will your next steps become apparent.

While someone else is dreaming about being on the summit of the mountain, you're climbing and getting it done.

This Week's Challenge

Stop worrying about the 6th or 7th pylon ahead and start making your way toward your NEXT obvious pylon and....