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31 - Our Favorite Online Marketing Tools - Health Fit Biz



Favorite Online Marketing Tools

This week Anthony and I share our favorite online marketing tools that we use for our various businesses.

This Week’s Challenge


Two COW’s this week:
1. Research the tools we mentioned and see which one would fit best for your business
2. What are you excited for? Leave us a comment here or on IG @healthfitbusiness




Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back once again to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 31. In this episode, this was an episode that Anthony and I recorded while we were on, I believe, Instagram or Facebook live answering live questions. The main question that we were answering during this episode is what are our current favorite online marketing tools that we used both for like clinic-type activities as well as online business activities. So, without further ado, let’s tune in to episode number 31.

Anthony: Welcome to another episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. We just tried to do a live, another live Lebron two. I didn’t go well.  It didn’t go well at all. It was really sloppy but we still have leftover questions that we’ll address here. Welcome my buddy and partner in crime, Dr. Ryan Debell. Introduce yourself.

Ryan: What?

Anthony: You introduce yourself.

Ryan: I’m Dr.  Ryan Debell. Thank you for having me on as your co-host.

Anthony: Yeah! So, I was just explaining to them you’re busy going to Instagram as guest but we tried to do it live, a live podcast. It didn’t work so well. If you guys want to schedule one, let us know so we can actually plan it a little bit better. So, let us know or shoot us some questions. We have a few questions that are left over. One of them is, question number one would be “What are your favorite online marketing tools?” I think he asked online marketing tools twice before.    

Ryan: Okay.  We’ll talk about that.

Anthony: So, what are your favorite online marketing tools?  What I look for an online marketing tool is couple of things: What is the ease of use? Like ui/ux. What is the cost and what is the potential reach? And if all of these kind of lined up, that’s my favorite marketing tool for the time.

Ryan: And that’ll change as you progress for sure.

Anthony: Right. So, I would say my favorite current marketing tool would actually be I would say my email service provider.

Ryan: Which is what?

Anthony: Which is Klaviyo. I think they have. There is stuff that is downside.

Ryan: What is it called?

Anthony: Klaviyo.

Ryan: How do you spell it?

Anthony:  KLAVIYO I think. We’ll put it in the show notes.

Ryan: Because I don’t know who’s listening to this right before I post it. I’ll have to. If you guys want to know what that is I didn’t put it in the show notes first of all I apologize. Second of all…

Anthony: If one of you thirty listeners wants that information, just email Dr. Ryan Debell. Anyways Klaviyo, what we can do on that, do a lot of interesting segmentation. It can be very intentional with the email that you send so… The biggest thing that I like is it does not give people a lot of spam emails. Like other people you send it for a newsletter and then you get every single email so it is very pertinent. It gives you what they want to know. And that’s what you should be really doing as a marketer. Giving people valuable information. It is a tool for me to more easily give people more easily the information that they are looking for.

Ryan:  Now, you did not start with Klaviyo.

Anthony: No no no.

Ryan: What did we start with?

Anthony: I did…. Yeah, you’re right. I started with MailChimp.

Ryan: That’s also what I started with.

Anthony: Almost dirty.

Ryan: So, MailChimp is an online service that allows you to essentially collect people’s email addresses and send emails out to large number of people. You might be asking “Why don’t I just get all their names and use…?”

Anthony: Let’s go live on this which is not interacting with people on there.

Ryan: Okay. Alright. We’ll go live again. Don’t talk about this. Okay.

Anthony: Sorry for little intermission guys.  We decided to go live just to…

Ryan: Yeah. We’re going to go live. Tequila right there.

Anthony: Yeah. We’re not drinking.

Ryan: We’re not drinking Guinness.

Anthony: Yeah yeah.

Ryan: Alright. Let’s just totally ignore the camera. Okay! So, people are joining in.

Anthony: You’re distracted.

Ryan: Okay. I’m sorry. So, we started with MailChimp and you might be asking yourself “Why would I use MailChimp? Why won’t I just collect a bunch of people’s email addresses?”  And then so much happening right now! Flip your phone over I can’t deal with this. Notifications are killing you Anthony!

Anthony: This is just a sloppy as…

Ryan: Oh, my gosh! Why wouldn’t you just collect people’s email addresses and do email everybody on one email and put them just like a blind carbon copy or bcc. “Oh! Because it is illegal to do that!”

Anthony: Yeah!

Ryan:  You can’t do that!

Anthony: And that’s annoying.

Ryan: You have to get people’s…. Someone said Q & A. Yes, ask us Q&A but we are recording a live on podcast. So, we’ll answer it…

Anthony: There are people in there.

Ryan:  Sorry. I’m getting pulled in. Why can’t you just collect people’s email addresses and just email them or just mass email people from Gmail. You are not allowed to do that.

Anthony: It’s a DMCA law.

Ryan: It is anti-spam law. Sometimes people do that. They will email me and I know that I am on this list but there is no way to unsubscribe. You are actually not supposed to do that.

Anthony: Very illegal. And then also, one of the things is we are getting kind of off track here but to bring it back where it is not a good tool to give people things that they don’t want. Why would they want to buy something from you? Sign up for something. Why would they want anything from you if you are just annoying them with emails. So, for me my favorite online marketing tool going back to the original question here would be Klaviyo because I can give people what they want when they want it and it is just the easiest way for me to do that. Your favorite online marketing tool?

Ryan:  Yeah. As I’ve said, I started on MailChimp and then I upgraded from MailChimp to a platform called Active Campaign.

Anthony: Is that your favorite tool right now?

Ryan: That is not my favorite tool right now because I just switched again. I just want people to know what step I took.

Anthony: Okay. Let’s talk about one. I know MailChimp is fine if you are just starting a project and you want to collect email addresses.

Ryan:  And send out like a couple of emails to blog followers.

Anthony: You can get started but it is not good for anything else.

Ryan: No.

Anthony: If you pass a couple of hundred email subscribers, just skip it.

Ryan:  And then I moved to something like Active Campaign or another one called Convert Kit. Oh, my gosh that freaking picture! Oh, I go to Convert Kit and I was using Active Campaign but I just switched to what is now my favorite online marketing tool at the moment it is and it is called Ontraport. And Ontraport is a way for me to manage and market a ton of the things that I do. Whether that is live events. What is with the bottle? What is that?

Anthony: Someone asked live what’s with the bottle of Tequila that’s sitting right next to us.

Ryan: Uhm yeah! So Ontraport, it is similar to Klaviyo but different in some ways. I’m going to put this out of frame. This bothers me. What Ontraport allows me to do is let’s say somebody. Let’s say somebody goes to my blog and they are reading a blog post and the blog post has to do with squatting and I make a pdf about how to squat well and then in order to get the pdf they have to enter in their email address.  This is just a way to capture an email address. Then I know that person is interested in stuff about squatting, so Ontraport allows me to send them things only about squatting if I want it to.

Anthony: Very valuable.

Ryan: Extremely valuable! And then if I have more articles about squatting, I can have it automatically send those things to that person. So, every time something come out about squat, I can make sure that squatting people hear about it. So you can do the same thing for overhead lifting. You can do the same thing for business. You can do the same thing for Keto. You can do it for anything really. And so that is a way for me to keep in touch with people on certain topics that they have shown interested in so I know that if I am to communicate with them, I know that they want to hear about that.

Anthony: So, something to highlight here is that we both used different tools for the same thing but they are different kind of focuses and so our individually used cases are specific. We are not affiliated with these companies at all. At the moment really like Klaviyo and Ryan Doctor (Ryan excuse me) really likes Ontraport that he just switched to. And so, different things work at different times for different uses. You should always be asking yourself or revisit “Is this tool I am using right now right for the application I needed it for?” I think that’s how it should be. My favorite tool right now is not going to be the same. I’ll probably move from Klaviyo at some point. I don’t know when that will be. It changes. You should always be asking yourself “Is this the right thing for the right time?”

Ryan: Find the tool that is going to allow you to have the job done that you needed to get done and that will change from when you’re first blogging or first doing something online to when you are starting to sell stuff online and then you are starting to grow or complexity increases. You’ll going to need more advanced tools.

Anthony: Oh! I’m going to tell another tool that is one of my favorite is called AdEspresso for Facebook ads. If anyone has used Facebook ads for marketing, it is a freaking nightmare. So, what AdEspresso does is, it puts everything into a very easy to use interface and gives you all the data and actionable data and it will auto-optimize your campaign for you and auto-create a ton of ads and it’s like the best ones. It’s great and it cost… Again, I’m not affiliated at all. I just think that it’s an amazing piece of software. It doesn’t cost relatively anything. That will be probably actually number one.

Ryan: I have another one.

Anthony: Skip head in the mouth.

Ryan: I use a website called vistaprint.com and this is a great marketing tool for me for live events

Anthony: Look at that! That was kind of unexpected one.

Ryan: Was it?

Anthony: Yeah! Vista Print.

Ryan:  Vista Print.

Anthony: Yeah. For online marketing. That’s a careful I think for a lot of people.

Ryan: Well, I think of it like. I mean it is sort of online because…

Anthony: I think it is fit for your situation but there are cases where you wouldn’t think of.

Ryan:  It is kind of what we are talking about Ontraport can do for you which maybe we can talk about..

Anthony: Are you salesman for Ontraport?

Ryan: No, I’m just saying remember what I talked about?

Anthony: I remember!

Ryan:  So, I used vistaprint.com. Someone asked something.

Anthony: Yeah. We’ll get there.

Ryan: So, I used Ontraport. No no… I’m sorry! I used Vista Print to mass mail out flyers for events that I’m teaching. So, I have my virtual assistant build an excel spreadsheet with addresses formatted in a certain way and then I could upload that to Vista Print in the US with a postcard template and then Vista Print will mail that out to hundreds and hundreds of gyms or facilities that I market to so that is a great marketing tool. Is that online? I mean, it is because they are purchasing a workshop seat online.

Anthony: So that is a really creative really creative and awesome way to use online marketing in an actual tangible in your hand type of way. So, they don’t have to stay in line. We have a question from cbutlersportsPT on Instagram saying, “Do you guys use social media dashboard like Hootsuite or Adgear?” I had in the past. Honestly, my social media campaign has taken kind of backseat to everything else that I’m doing. I moved to hire a full time social media manager that’s going to be probably using a tool like this. Hootsuite is something that I’ve definitely used. It’s great. Adgear is I think really expensive for what it is. One that I really like that I used for a while is Buffer (B-U-F-F-E-R). Again, no affiliation with any of these tools. But that’s a good question.  If I have one of those tools in place right now in the system, I’ll probably be doing a lot of more social media posting just not a high priority for me at the moment but that’s why I’m hiring a social media manager because I still don’t have the time to do it or have somebody around that is doing it currently.

Ryan:  Yeah. I’m not. I don’t use any of those personally so, I probably should.

Anthony: I think we both should. We just don’t. I have in the past. I just don’t currently.

Ryan: Yeah. Picking our priorities currently I think for both of us, it is a lower priority but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Anthony: Yes. So, that’s question number one kind of went to that. Question number two that we had was “What do you guys are most excited for from a business standpoint?” At the current moment, I have kind of a top secret project in San Francisco but it might be a… I haven’t lease this place but I might have a physical location for some of my online businesses which is would be really really awesome for what I want to do for Livingport. I can’t really talk much more about it from fear of jinxing myself and losing the spot but we’re having something that’s working out. That’s currently what I’m most excited about by far 100%. How about you doctor?

Ryan:  Yeah. I’m excited about three things that I’m about to release and make available.

Anthony: New products.

Ryan: New products. Number one is a hybrid 12-week program of metabolic conditioning weight lifting running and… Did I say hyper jiffy? No! And hyper jiffy training.  So, I’m excited for that. I’m also excited for my educational video products that’s coming out with Dr. Dann Pope called A Coach’s Guide.

Anthony: With DDP? 14:02

Ryan:  Yeah. Sure.

Anthony: You know that reference?

Ryan: What is it?

Anthony: DDP?

Ryan: Dr. Dan Pope?

Anthony: Diamond Dallas Page. Did you watch wrestling at all when you were younger?

Ryan: No, sorry. I didn’t at all.

Anthony: Anyway, DDP reference for those.

Ryan:  So, anyways. We are making an awesome educational products that’s going to help coaches modify workouts for athletes who have pain. And then, I also recorded my full The Movement Fix workshop.

Anthony: Nice!

Ryan: That’s going to be available in video format. So those three things.

Anthony: That’s a good idea. I’ll do that one.

Ryan:  Yeah. That’s your idea. So, those three things are going to be available in the. I mean, they are all probably going to come out in quarter 1 of 2017.

Anthony: Oh yeah. They maybe released right now. We’ll put it in the show notes.

Ryan: Yeah yeah. They are released. Go buy it in the show notes.

Anthony: Oh! Extra excitedness for me is that also by the time this is launched, I might have this but pureWOD is going to be major rebranding. I’m changing the name of the company as well as launching two new products.

Ryan:  Lots of stuff.

Anthony:  So that’s pretty crazy.

Ryan: And are there going to be some other HFB, Health Fit Biz?

Anthony: And we are working on launching super intense. That’s what we’ve been doing a lot of when we are together is working on programs for Health Fit Business that is currently expanding ideas that we built with the podcast and the Daily Domination Journal that are hopefully super helpful for any one out there who’s trying to do stuff that we have to learn the hard way over the course of four years to do. I want to help, kind of shorten the learning period in to you know one month, two months type of thing.

Ryan:  Yep! So, those are the things that we’re currently very excited about. That’s what we’re working on. Trying to do it systematically because a lot of stuff between the two of us.

Anthony: Yeah. There are a  lot of stuff going on.

Ryan: And so, you have to have a lot of organization. You have the foundation. You have to have systems in place so that you can go through this and not like lose track. Because otherwise, when there’s some many balls in the air you get nothing done.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan:  We are trying to like the first. One of the first to courses, can I say what’s it about?

Anthony: Yes.

Ryan: One of the first Health Fit Biz courses that we are going to be making is how to set the foundation and all aspects of your life so that you can start doing bigger projects in an efficient way. In a way that does not take up so much time that you can never actually have anything done.

Anthony: Right. So, it might be launched by the time this is out. Who knows?

Ryan: Alright? Is that what we got.

Anthony: That’s what we got. Again, sorry for being a little sloppy this time.  So, we’ll have what’s the get after it moment? What’s the COW?

Ryan: The challenge for this week is to I think you should research one of these marketing tools we mentioned and see which one would best fit your needs.

Anthony: Yeah. I agree 100%. So, that’s one of them. I one two part, COW one and COW two. COW two would be, what are you most excited for? Put it in either a comment on the website that you are listening to or hit us on Instagram @healthfitbusiness.

Ryan:  Yeah. Leave a comment, send a message but…

Anthony: Yeah. We’re excited about you guys being excited. So, leave us a comment with what you are excited about

Ryan: Let us know.

Anthony: And if anybody on Instagram live is excited, let us know by selection of emoji that you like right now. Get after it!     

Ryan: Get after it!

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.