Living the Unapologetically Permission Free Life


We go our whole life having to ask for permission, from when we are a little kid asking our parents, to asking our teachers, to asking our boss, etc.

But at some point, you may be waiting for permission to do something when you don't actually need permission (this is especially true if you own your own business).

We are trained to think we need someone externally to tell us something is ok before we go do it. And it is time to stop waiting and start doing. It's time to live unapologetically permission free. Do the things you want to do, without permission, and don't feel bad about it.

Don't do anything illegal...obviously.

We put these limitations on ourselves out of feeling like 'am I allowed to do this?' or 'is this ok?'. Instead we should be thinking: who is going to stop me?

Literally...who could actually stop you from doing what you want to do? Are you just worried about people not liking what you're doing? Live permission free. Go make it happen.

This Week's Challenge

Write down in your Daily Domination Journal, in the new ideas section, 5 things you have been waiting to do but felt you needed 'permission' to actually achieve...and then DO 1!