Communication Tools for Outsourcing and Training

This week we want to share with you guys our favorite communication tools and training tools for outsourcing.

First, you can find a lot of great talent on (along with other sites for certain jobs).

Keeping communication tight with your assistants is critical to making it easy for you to transition. If you constantly have to go to or other sites to communicate, it can become a challenge.

Luckily there is a free app called Slack that is a great way to communicate and share documents.

Both Anthony and I use Slack for everything that has to do with project and task communication.

You can set up all sorts of different channels and spaces for communication. I, for example, have a The Movement Fix channel and a Health Fit Business Channel.

Anthony has one for each of his businesses (Health Fit Business, PureWOD, Perfect Keto, and other ones I may not be aware of).

We highly recommend you download Slack and make that your communication HQ.


The other thing that is critical when working with virtual assistants and outsourcing is training. Creating training materials and systems is actually really easy.

Just make a google doc or a word document and write all the steps that have to be required for a certain task to get done.

Let’s take a podcast for example.

Step 1: Get together and record the podcast

Step 2: Record an intro file

Step 3: Copy & Paste previous episode files into a new file

Step 4: Delete previous episode intro and previous episode conversation audio files

Step 5: Place in new intro and new conversation files & trim as needed

Step 6: Export to Dropbox Folder

Step 7: Upload to Libsyn

Step 8: Login to wordpress and create a new post

etc etc etc

The easiest way to start is just think about the tasks you do repeatedly and then write out all the steps. Additionally, a tool that is useful is taking screenshots.

If you take a screenshot every time you do a step of a process, you can add that into your document to easily make a step by step guide for your virtual assistant so they can replicate what you’re doing.

In the podcast example, the only things Anthony and I should really be doing is the recording of the conversation and the recording of the intro. After that, everything else should be done by someone else so we can focus on other tasks that only we can do.

There you have it. The basics of the communication tools we use and how we go about training our virtual assistants.

This Week’s Challenge

Think up 1 task you do that is repeatable and write it down stepwise (aka make a system). If applicable, take screenshots of each step (If you want to get bonus points, actually hire someone and then hand it off to them).