How to find people to hire for outsourcing

It’s easy to talk about ‘oh I need to outsource this’ or ‘I need to outsource that’. But talk is cheap.

How do you actually find someone to hire to do these jobs we have been talking about?

After you analyze your own daily tasks and things that you do, you will inevitably find that you should be hiring people to do some of the work for you that is worth a lower value than what you can do via other tasks.

So what next? How do you actually then GET someone to actually do those things? How do you find people? Where do you search?

For one-off, small jobs, you can use

But Anthony and I both use more regularly, especially when a task is more ongoing and in depth.

Some quick tips about using

  1. Have a clearly defined role / task the person will have (one example is when I hired someone to make subtitles for videos. That was the only thing I hired the person to do)
  2. Don’t post jobs publicly. Rather create a job and make it viewable only to those who you invite, otherwise your inbox will be FLOODED and you ended up creating more work for yourself.
  3. Don’t hire the cheapest people. Hire cheap and you will get low quality work typically. Spend a little more to get better quality
  4. Ask a few screening questions. Anthony likes to add in ‘final question: add 2+7 and write the answer at the top of your response to this job’. There are lots of people who don’t read your job description and will just copy and paste. You don’t want to hire that person.

In the next episode, we will be talking about on-ramping your virtual assistants and how to streamline tasks.

Between Anthony and I, we probably have 7 virtual assistants or more doing various things like designing cover photos, editing videos, writing certain blog posts, creating branding, etc. You can expand beyond yourself when you work this way.

This Week’s Challenge

Make a profile on UpWork and test the waters, whether that is just making a job posting or exploring the site. Get your feet wet a little bit and see what is out there.