How to know which tasks to outsource

There are certainly tasks you should be doing and tasks you should be outsourcing to other people. This week we talk about how to figure out which tasks to outsource.

Anthony and I both give examples of how we have outsourced tasks so that we can focus on what only we can do.

When you outsource work and pay someone else to do it, you are buying your time at a discount. You are multiplying your abilities.

This can be hard to do at first because you don’t want to pay someone for something you feel that you can do yourself. But it is critical for your long term success to learn how to outsource and extend beyond yourself.

This Week’s Challenge

Listen to episode 24 and then figure out 1 thing in the next week that you could delegate to someone else. You don’t actually have to delegate it, but figure out what it would be and start building a step by step process that someone else could follow to complete the task for you.