Daily Habit and Task Auditing

Auditing your daily tasks and daily habits is critical for your success. The day can slip away. Time can slip away. Without anything being done. Or worse yet, the wrong things getting done and taking a lot of your time up (that’s what happens when you feel like you’re always really busy, but never accomplishing anything).

The first step to getting past this is becoming aware of how you’re spending your time, what you’re doing, and what your habits look like.

How often do you take a step back and reflect on this? Self-reflection and self-auditing is where progress is made.

This week we want to challenge you to download our task awareness sheet (which comes straight out of the Daily Domination Journal’s daily template) and fill it out for the next few days to become acutely aware of what you’re really doing with your time.

This Week’s Challenge

Download the task awareness sheet. Print it off. Fill it out.