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What drives you? What gets you going day in and day out?

Will power? I hope not. That won’t last.

You have to know your purpose. You have to know your vision. And you have to know your goals.

Human beings are purpose driven

You need to know your purpose as it will drive you to great things. Without purpose you are a lost ship at see, letting the waves of life push you around and you are totally at the mercy of the ocean.

Purpose is like the light house. You use the lighthouse so you stay on course. You may not stay on course 100%, but you travel in the right direction.

Your purpose is what impact you want to have on the world.

Have you ever sat down and thought about that? Really thought? Well, now is the time.

Once you know what your purpose is, how do you get there?

This is your vision. Your vision is the way that you are actually going to make that impact.

So you know what impact you want to make, but how do you make it? What has to be done on a large scale?

Then you need to know your goals

Your goal is the incremental accomplishments that help you to achieve your vision, which ultimately is driven by your purpose.

You can’t directly access your purpose or your vision. The only thing you can directly impact are your daily decisions, your daily habits.

Your daily habits, when aggregated, lead to a goal. That goal allows you to achieve your vision, which is purposeful.

Are you going to let the ocean push you around and just float? Or are you going to get your sights set on the light house and start MAKING waves??

This week your challenge is define your purpose, your vision, and your goals.

Stay tuned for next week to learn more about goals and what makes them good and actionable.

But until then…





Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Thanks for tuning in once again to the Health Fitbiz Podcast. This is episode number 15 and this episode is going to help you figure out “What do I want out of life?” “Where should I be spending my time?” “How do I know what to do? What my bigger thoughts and desires are for life” and so this episode is about your purpose, your vision, and your goals. The three layers to the cake as you’ll see as we describe it at the beginning of the episode. This is a process both Anthony and I use to really set our mind on what are we trying to accomplish. What are we trying to do. Neither of us like to spin our wheels. I would imagine you don’t like spinning your wheels either. It could be hard to get the traction that you need sometimes but defining your purpose, your vision, and your goals will help you get out of the mud and start making real progress. So, without further ado, let’s listen in to episode 15.

Anthony: Hello Dr. Ryan Debell.

Ryan: Dr. Anthony Gustin A.K.A. Drag?

Anthony: What?

Ryan: Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Anthony: Huh?

Ryan: Drag? D-R-A-G?

Anthony: What?

Ryan: Is not what you call it?

Anthony: Dr. Anthony Gustin. Here I am with Dr. Ryan Debell.

Ryan: I was almost thinking to myself like “Do I need to restart the recording here?”

Anthony: Welcome to another episode of the Health-

Ryan: -Fit-

Anthony: -Business-

Ryan: -Pod-

Anthony: -Cast. I’m your host, Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Ryan: I’m your co-host.

Anthony: Vice host.

Ryan: Vice host. Vice co-host, Dr. Ryan Debell.

Anthony: And today, we are talking you about something that we were getting a lot of questions but actually, all three people that listened to this podcast have actually said kind of a similar thing.

Ryan: Now I look at the stats, it’s 8.

Anthony: 8, okay. Growing rapidly, it’s crazy.

Ryan: .5 (point-five) people per episode.

Anthony: How do I–how do I figure out my actual goals and like how do I help my 10,000 people and like what do I really want to do? Well it requires some thought but we have come to the process that is simplified to something that we’ve used in the past, multiple times. Got to get some clarity about which goals we should be doing and then how to kind of attack things from a more of a big picture level and bring it down into digestible chunks.

Ryan: So, essentially, when doing this there’s three…I guess you could say three levels of-

Anthony: -layers to a cake.

Ryan: There’s three layers to this cake. It’s a Paleo cake.

Anthony: Grass-fed cake.

Ryan: It’s a grass-fed cake. Non-GMO. Organic.

Anthony: No antibiotics given to the cake.

Ryan: This sounds like that email that you got. Anyways…

Anthony: Let’s move on.

Ryan: What are the three layers? Layer number 1 and the thing that really guides everything is…your purpose.

Anthony: Yes and what about layer 2 of the cake?

Ryan: Layer 2 is…your vision.

Anthony: And from the vision you get…

Ryan: Your goals. You know…Oh I have to find this. I have to find this quote while you talk about the purpose.

Anthony: Okay.

Ryan: Hold on, you go talk about the purpose I got to find this thing.

Anthony: Okay. He’s going to research. So, to define what the purpose, vision, and goals are. Some kind of like big, lofty words that people usually just threw around. But how we define them are going to be as follows: purpose is what impact you’d really want to have in the world. The big, like why you exist. Right? The vision is going to be the way you’re actually going to make that impact. So the things you actually do to fulfill the purpose. And the goals, well we’ll call those SMART goals and we’ll kind of dive into what  makes those smart, are going to be the steps, specifically, and milestones you’re going to do and achieve to realize your vision. Right, so purpose leads to the vision which leads to the goals.

Ryan: Exactly! Okay I found it. This is my…this is…I had to dig through my journal that I write as I read books every morning.

Anthony: Hit me with the inspiration.

Ryan: Well, this isn’t going to be a surprise but I just think it’s nestle fact. I’m sure you’ve never heard of Aristotle?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Aristotle wrote that “Human beings are…” gosh, I’m going to mispronounce this, “theological, (theological?) which means purpose-driven.” Now I know a lot of people are very…yeah.

Anthony: Wait that was a quote?

Ryan: No, that’s not a quote. That just a…that’s just the…Aristotle said it, you know? We’re purpose-driven. Human beings are purpose-

Anthony: That what you want to dig through your journal for?

Ryan: Well I want to remember what the word was.

Anthony: Well we knew that, that’s why we’re doing this episode.

Ryan: No the “theological.” That word.

Anthony: Did you google that one…

Ryan: I did google it. No, I did google it.

Anthony: On Kindle you long pressed?

Ryan: On my Kindle I long pressed and it gave me the definition. Anyways, my point is…

Anthony: That is indeed a fun fact.

Ryan: That is a fun fact. That is a fun fact. So here’s the point, we all know the book of  “Purpose Driven Life.”

Anthony: What’s this?

Ryan: Have you read the book of “Purpose Driven Life” or heard of it?

Anthony: Negative.

Ryan: What? This is like one of the most popular books. “Purpose Driven Life.”

Anthony: Aristotle read it?

Ryan: No

Anthony: The theological?

Ryan: The theological purpose–the theological driven life. No, human beings are purpose driven. So if you don’t know your purpose, you have nothing pulling you forward. So that’s why having the purpose as the top layer of the cake or…

Anthony: …the bottom layer

Ryan: There’s bottom layer I was going to asks that too.

Anthony: All the frosting sits on top.

Ryan: Having the purpose be the primary layer of the cake, like where it all begins I guess, is because human beings are driven by purpose, we’re not driven necessarily by a vision, we’re not driven necessarily by a goal. Goals are nice and they’re motivating, don’t get me wrong.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: But the purpose is what makes you have that passion and drive that cannot be stopped. Like when you watch certain people and you go like let’s talk about and let’s say umh…Elon Musk. Like the stuff that he does is unbelievable but because he has such a strong purpose.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: And he knows his purpose like, human beings should be an intergalactic, you know, species. Like, that drives him. That purpose. And I don’t think a lot of people have defined their purpose.

Anthony: Yes, purpose should be one of these things that doesn’t really change much. Maybe like every couple of years, maybe it will shift a little bit. Uh, purpose though should be kind of pretty core of who you are and it’s going to change from like I’m going to get the same purpose as you or vice versa. But, it’s usually a pretty ingrained thing when you’re adult. Like you should have your purpose pretty well defined.

Ryan: Right, and then how does the vision relate to the purpose then?

Anthony: So, the vision is how you’re going to actually get that purpose down. So, yeah, if you don’t have a clear purpose, you’re going to get distracted by these fleeting goals. “Oh I should maybe do this, I should do this, I should do that. I should do this.” But when it comes down to it, you’re going to be left unsatisfied ‘cause you’re not going to be attacking what you really want as a human being. And so figuring out your purpose you’ll be able to remove distractions and do everything that is really important to you. And so it’s the impact that you want to make. So friends it’s my purpose, for example, is to help people own the fundamentals of health and live life with the highest quality possible. And so, I’ve kind of broken that down into a bunch of the things we’ll go through with the vision looks like for that but basically I want people to know how to take control of their own health. I want to be able to do that all the time through everything I do. Your purpose?

Ryan: My purpose, no I don’t have it written in front of me in such a nice, eloquent way. I’ll give you the essence of my purpose. I want to make movement simple. I want every human being to understand how to move their body. How to exercise without pain. That’s what I want. So that they can go do whatever they want to do in life without worrying about their shoulder or back hurting.

Anthony: So, another way to think about…If you’re brainstorming how to figure out your purpose, just think about what’s important to you and then ask “why” a few different times.

Ryan: Yeah, but why…asking the why and getting to the question behind the question or the answer behind the answer is it’s something like Tony Robbins would say like “What business are you in? What business are you really in?” You know what I’m saying?  

Anthony, Yeah, I know.

Ryan: Like, “What business are you in?”I’m in the self-movement business.” “No you’re not. You’re in the business of getting people healthy.”

Anthony: Correct.

Ryan: What business am I in? I’m in the business of, you know, workshops. No I’m in the business of making movement simple so people can take control of their body.

Anthony: Right, so if let’s say your a chirco, PT, or trainer or whatever and you say “Oh well I want to fix someone’s shoulder pain.” Why?

Ryan: Yeah why do they…so they can, you know, maybe because they need to…they want to be able to reach up into their cupboard and get the coffee cup out.

Anthony: And then why is it important for them to be able to get a coffee cup? You know asking “why” a couple different times will lead you to “Oh well I want people to be pain-free ‘cause I think that should be like a basic human right.” “I want people to like sort of yours…” I want people to be able to control their own health cause I think…”

Ryan: Oh, I like that. “Being pain-free is a basic human right.”

Anthony: We should make a shirt. You should make a shirt.

Ryan: Good thing we have a couple of weeks ‘till this comes out so I can do that.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: I should make a shirt.

Anthony: But just asking why several times about things that you think are important will lead you to this purpose. Kind of what will drive you ultimately through the world.

Ryan: Got it, so once you have your purpose defined, then you can think about what does it look like…what gets you to being able to essentially move towards that purpose?

Anthony: Right, so this…

Ryan: That’s the vision.

Anthony: This is a little bit more specific. This is, yeah, how would you envision yourself doing those things? And so for Elon Musk, he wants to make us an interplanetary species. His vision is to make spaceships that take us to different planets and have companies that he will solve energy with so that he can take us to Mars for instance.

Ryan: Got it, and what’s your vision?

Anthony: And so my vision would be to…

Ryan: Take supplements interplanetary?

Anthony: Yeah. shoot ‘em in the space. My vision is to be a leader in education for other clinicians. So that if I help other clinicians help other people, I’ll have the most impact on education as a whole.

Ryan: Yeah, my vision is essentially the same, but for my own realm.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: To be a leader in the world of movement–human movement. So that I can then influence everyone so they can go do my purpose essentially.

Anthony: Exactly. So the vision is the how, the purpose is the why, and the goal’s kind of the day to day.

Ryan: Day to day, week to week, month to month. Like what milestones do you need to get to in order to get to that vision?

Anthony: Right, so let’s say my vision is to be a leader in education about the clinicians. So, you can kind of brainstorm about goals and we’ll probably do a separate episode about how you can do all those stuff and really hash out specific goals. But for instance, there’s always ways do this. I can have a podcast that has 8 listeners. I think the goal will be 10 now.

Ryan: Oh, we just gained one. 9.

Anthony: So maybe the goal for this month will be to get to 10 listeners in the podcast.

Ryan: Okay.

Anthony: Or it could be I want a–I should have an email list of 5,000 clinicians that follow me. Or whatever. So, these are very specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timed goals.

Ryan: SMART.

Anthony: Smart. S-M-A-R-T.

Ryan: A smart goal.

Anthony: And so, those are the best kind of goals that help then drive the vision.

Ryan: Which allows you to get, you know, toward the purpose.

Anthony: Right, and so all your goals are based upon this root layer of the cake. The purpose. Every time you accomplish a goal, you’re going to be super pumped.

Ryan: Yeah and that’s more like, if you don’t have a purpose or a vision, it’s hard to know like what goals…there’s nothing really determining the goals.

Anthony: Yeah, there’s no “why.”

Ryan: Exactly, and so without that, they become much harder to achieve because there’s nothing driving the goals other than essentially the satisfaction of completing the goal.

Anthony: They’re untheological.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s very…It’s a very…Right, you want to have a purpose driven and vision driven goals. You don’t just want to have goals of like “Ah, I want to do X, I want to do Y, I want to do Z.” Thinking a couple layers deeper will make it infinitely easier to achieve your goals because now there’s something pulling you towards achieving those goals. There’s a reason, or dare I say, a purpose to achieving those goals.

Anthony: Nice tie-in.

Ryan: Thank you.

Anthony: So…

Ryan: And the goal should be SMART because smart goals, well let’s see, what did we say? Specific. So you actually have…how do I know, like let’s say your goal was like “I want to get a lot of people on my email list. That is not a goal that’s going to ever get done. Because it’s not specific. Instead it’s I want to get 5,000. It’s not measurable. Well, 5,000 you could measure that do I have it or not?

Anthony: Yeah, well I mean look at your email list. You can see how fast it grows. You can see…

Ryan: How do you take action on “I want a bigger email list.”? I guess maybe that goal is actionable because you, like, you actually want to make it bigger.

Anthony: So, actionable would be putting different, you know, putting creating content around.

Ryan: Right, but what is the action you take to make that happen? Realistic, if I said “Oh, right now I have an email list of one person, now I want to have 10 million people at the end of the month.” Not realistic. So you have to have a realistic goal and then time-dependent. “At the end of this month, I want to have X–you know 4000, 5000, on the list.” So that’s why the goal has to be SMART.

Anthony: SMART. What’s your…what’s a smart goal for you?

Ryan: What’s one of my SMART goals?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Well most of my smart goals, currently, they are based on me wanting to grow my influence in the movement-related world. So my goal actually right now is to get X number of followers in social media, X number of followers on my email list.

Ryan: And then…

Anthony: Well that’s not very smart.

Ryan: By X number of days. I’m not going to give you my…I’m not going to reveal my–

Anthony: Can’t share it?

Ryan: I don’t want to share that.

Anthony: Is this like a…like a wish? If you say it out loud, it doesn’t come true?


Ryan: I have it written down. The most important thing you can do with your goals is have them written down.

Anthony: I’m sorry, I was up in your um, what do you call it, your little office?

Ryan: I would call that my office.

Anthony: Yes, and a very smart goals up there written on a white board.

Ryan: Yes, I do. Which we’ll talk about in another episode. But yes, think about your goals being SMART. The purpose and the vision will help you figure out what the goals are to actually matter for what you’re trying to achieve.

Anthony: ‘Tis Challenge Time.

Ryan: What is the weekly challenge? Dr. Gustin?

Anthony: Weekly Challenge. Purpose, Vision, and Smart Goals. Think about it.

Ryan: Think about it. I think that, uh, you know working on developing your purpose and your vision and then making one smart goal would be a good place to start.

Anthony: Yeah, and how’re you going to do this? Not in your head, write it down.

Ryan: Yeah you have to write it down. There’s an interesting quote from another book I was reading.

Anthony: Humans…

Ryan: 3% of human beings…

Anthony: ..are…

Ryan: …have written down goals, everybody else works for those people.

Anthony: That’s very theological. You can to say that.

Ryan: Is it? Alright, is it time to get after it?

Anthony: Get after it.

Ryan: Get after it.

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you find it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.