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The Inaugural Podcast

Thank you for checking out the inaugural episode of the Health Fit Business Podcast.

Dr. Anthony Gustin and I are very excited to bring this podcast to you guys and share with you things we have learned that can hopefully save you time, stress, money, and speed up your path to success.

10 or 10,000?

In this first episode of the podcast, Anthony and I discuss the idea of helping 10 or 10,000 people a day. This idea drives us to do what we do.

While helping 10 people or 20 people a day in a clinic setting or gym setting is great and necessary, there are SO many people in the world who desperately need help.

The idea of 10 or 10,000 is about your focus, your aim. Is your goal to help 10 people a day over and over and over again, day in and day out? There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, and in fact, I think one on one time with people is extremely valuable.

Or is your goal to expand beyond your walls, expand beyond the limits of your time.

What if you could help 10 people a day physically and 10,000 people a day through the internet or through a product?

This episode is about expanding the way you think about your capabilities.

The challenge for you this week is to consider: what avenue can I take to help 10,000 people?

This is a mental exercise. Put 20-30 minutes of dedicated time aside at some point during the day or two following listening to this podcast and jot down what your unique background is and what you can offer the world beyond your one on one services.


Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Thanks for tuning in to the inaugural episode Health Fit Business podcast. This is a podcast as the name describes. Business as it relates to fitness industries that I’m doing jointly with my friend and colleague, Dr. Anthony Gustin. Anthony and I went to school together. We graduated together. He’s currently a sport-chiro in San Fran as well as started and run the supplements company pureWOD. I, myself, I’m a sports-chiro north of Seattle and run The Movement Fix, which is the name of my clinic, my workshops that I teach, my blog and my podcast.

Anthony and I were hanging out recently and decided that we wanted to start a podcast about business to share things that we’ve learned along the way that we hope can help others and each episode is about 10 to 20 minutes long covering one specific topic with a challenge at the end to motivate change in either your thinking, your action or how you are doing things. This first episode is titled 10 or 10000 and it essentially… Well, I don’t want to spoil it. We’ll have to listen in. But before we do that, make sure to head over to healthfit.biz and on the website, you’ll see at the top a place to sign up for notifications of the newest episodes and blog post. So, make sure to head over there and enter your email address so you get notified and without further ado, let’s listen in to episode #1.

Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell from The Movement Fix.

Anthony: What’s up everyone!

Ryan: I’m here with my good friend Anthony. Introduce yourself.

Anthony: Dr.  Anthony Gustin.

Ryan: We are outside the CrossFit Games and we met up. We went to school together and we haven’t seen each other for a while. We’re actually in a poolside with some background noise because this is raw. This is real life. And we both have, as we have gone through the years, after graduating.

Anthony: I think we kind of, each of our businesses really evolved from the clinic perspective and trying about this weekend, we both came to the same conclusion about why that model is broken and what we could do to help way more people than we do in our clinics.

Ryan: So, we got. As were talking this weekend. We thought we should record some of these conversations because there’s a lot of people out there who will change the way they think about what they’re doing.

Anthony: If I had an information when I was in school, I would probably approach my career after school completely differently.

Ryan: From a get go rather than go through years and years, a couple of years figuring stuff out without like a lot of guidance, you would have been able to go this is just a little bit more strategic right off the bat and you could really start helping people. Isn’t why we got in to what we are doing?

Anthony: Yeah! Absolutely. I think, the biggest thing that changed our mind was, I think any health and fitness professional, anyone who’s working with a one on one person to improve their health and fitness goes in the same conundrum of being limited by their own time. And how do I reach more people? Right?

Ryan: So, one of the things I’d like to think about is this. Let’s say theoretically, depending on how long you work with someone, you could see 10 people a day. Okay. Whether you’re training them or working with them as a patient, I’m helping ten people a day. If there’s 10 people that you can help a day, there’s 10,000 people out in the world who could be helped from the same stuff.

Anthony: How many people would you rather help as a health and fitness professional, 10 or 10,000? I know the answer for me, it’d be 10,000.

Ryan: And that’s where our mentality is really shipped. We used to be about how can I get a new patient? How do I thought my schedule? And that’s great and that’s noble and it’s awesome to help people which you can still certainly do but I think having the mindset “how do I help instead of 10, how do I help 10,000 people?” because the general population of our country isn’t healthy.  They are in desperate need in health – general health, fitness, device.

Anthony: There’s so much misinformation out there and if you’ve spent the time and money to acquire an insane amount of knowledge that is obviously very valuable, that people are willing to pay money for – a lot of money – then I believe that you have an obligation as a clinician or therapist or trainer to scale that as much as possible and help as many people as you can.

Ryan: That’s interesting. An obligation.

Anthony: Yeah. I think you’d do disservice if you have a very specific tool set that you’re not sharing with people that help them. 

Ryan: I agree. I think that there’s so… there’s so many problems out there that if we are not looking at bigger solutions maybe we are missing some of the point of why we got in to what we are doing in the first place which is to help people.

Anthony: Right. And I think when we both came in to this realization independently, we kind of took different paths. Ryan you’re in more The Movement path. You thought that I was going on- mine was a little bit more nutrition where I had a lot of patients who were asking me “Oh you know, how do I reduce information?” and it always led to all the research I did to taking better care yourself with better nutrition. And so, instead of saying the same thing over and over to the same people, I thought “No. This is invaluable information and these people clearly don’t know this.” And so, I started writing articles, posting them online, and from there I had this “aha” moment that “Oh my goodness! If this is in the internet, anybody in the world could read this up.”

Ryan: And so tell us the story. Where you are now and what you are currently doing?

Anthony: Right. So, that kind of evolved. I have a lot of athletes I was working with and a lot of people through my nutrition website, which was called thepaleofix.com

Ryan: Which is funny cause a lot of people thought…

Anthony: Yeah, because Ryan has The Movement Fix.

Ryan: Mine’s The Movement Fix and I would get email like “Bro, have you seen this?”

Anthony: An impostor!

Ryan: “This guy’s totally ripping you off.” And I’m like, “Actually, that’s my good friend Anthony and we talked specifically about kind of making them similar names.”

Anthony: That kind of morphed in to a lot of requests about “How do I take supplements? Which supplements do you recommend?” And researching as much as I could, there was nothing that I could find as responsible suggestion to anybody else I was working with.

Ryan: Why?

Anthony: All of them were filled with crazy amount of chemicals or artificial colors or binding agents or all this garbage so I just did that hard work and trying it out and making one myself. That has then kind of went to another level of “Oh my God! Now I can scale this to even more people!” Right. And so, having a product like that for me is a gateway to be able to educate as many people as possible on what they are putting in to their bodies.

Ryan: So essentially, the company now is called pureWOD.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: And essentially, pureWOD was built out of necessity from people asking you for help and there was no solution that you’d had.

Anthony: Correct.

Ryan: You even do it. Will not be able to recommend something.

Anthony: Instead of just telling one person, “Oh! You go just do this solution, do that but there’s no prize (sounds like 00:07:46) available for you. I realized a need to be able to scale something and provide people with something that literally did not exist from a nutritional stand point.

Ryan: One of the things that I thought would be interesting is to talk about this is when the manufacturers of a lot of these companies or a lot of products that you had worked with, they are like “Oh you should put this and this and this in.” And you’re like “Ï don’t want to put this and this and this in.”

Anthony: I was denied many times. Well, that’s obviously the difficulty of manufacturing

Ryan: They want to put stuff in it for almost no reasons sometimes, right?

Anthony: Yeah. I can go on forever about the supplement industry and how disgusting it is but that is just another level where I saw the impact I can make not just the one person or 10 people but 10,000 people. Not having to have me be in four walls working on people, one on one.  I can be doing this podcast right now and there could be plenty of people figuring about nutrition and what to put in their body based upon price (sounds like 00:08:42) that I provide to them. 

Ryan: So, you are essentially expanding beyond the clinic to go from helping 10 to 10,000.

Anthony: Exactly.

Ryan: And you are even thinking about, “How do you reach even more? How do you reach more general health population too?” The answer may change your decision making along the way as well, hasn’t it?

Anthony: Yeah, exactly. So, going forward, we are going to do a lot of educational pieces and things to help people with their health and nutrition not just selling supplements. It’s just a good place for me to start the conversation. I think this progression, you can’t really skip the steps and I think Ryan you went through the same thing with The Movement Fix as well, right?

Ryan: Oh, that’s what exactly happened to me. So, I had my clinic where I’ve seen patients, well I mean, I still do. I still do that but I have had to sort of condense the time that I’m in there. Because what I found was I would see multiple times, over and over and over again the athletes that I was working with. They would, they’d have pain in certain place, they’d be moving in a certain way. We’d work on that and they will feel better. And I said, “Well, this is happening to me two times per week. The same problem. Why don’t I just make a video about it, post it on the internet so other people could be like “Oh yeah, I’ve never thought to look for that.” ” Oh yeah, I see this too,” or something goes “Oh I do that! I can just, I make that a sort of mistake or training error.” And suddenly, it’s just going “Oh, I helped that one person not one day which is great because that person need it.” But there might be 10,000 people out there who are doing the same thing but they don’t know. No one’s telling it. ‘Because a lot of times I think from our side of things, it doesn’t seem like it’s the right thing to do to go get educated and not focused on helping people one on one. Would you agree with that? Because it almost like I feel guilty like I’m “supposed to be.” Because that’s the norm is in society.  

Anthony: Right. But the bridge for both of us was the realization “Oh, I’m meeting this problem over and over again.” There must be other people out there not in San Francisco, not in Seattle, have the same problem.

Ryan: Exactly. And people who maybe they, maybe they would not have discovered you to help them from a Yelp search.

Anthony: Exactly.

Ryan: But if you can, make either like you did a product or a brand that provides something then they might find that at a much higher percentage of the other time than they would find a clinic where they randomly go there and they get the help that they really need.

Anthony: Right. And so, you started with all these videos and that obviously morphed to workshops all over the world. And any plans for future scalability with helping more people?

Ryan: Well, I think eventually. You know the stuff that I teach “Oh! Only Ryan knows that stuff!” You know what I mean? It’s not, I don’t own how to move. Just like you don’t own nutrition.

Anthony: Exactly.

Ryan: I think the difference is I’m doing it. It’s not like “Oh, Ryan is special!” but I think that what I have to do eventually to expand is beyond is I again have to expand beyond myself because I only have 52 weekends a year.  I can’t be gone on like Christmas and New Year’s. I also have like a wife so I can’t be gone like 48 weekends. So how do I do that? Well, I have to find other people that are motivated, that have the educational background, that have the passion. And then I’m going to have to start strategically having other people teach the same materials that has been helpful for many others and started expanding that even more so beyond myself. Which is sort of hard to do because we’re not trained how to think like that or do that in school – like expanding beyond yourself. We feel like “Only I can do this. I’m the only person who can do this.” And that’s not true. There’s many capable people out there and if you start surrounding yourself with them in a way that can grow this thing, that you feel so passionately about. I think that’s the next strep that has to be taken.

Anthony: Right. And even if you do come up with a noble system of evaluation or training somebody or a treatment technique that you think is superior. Holding that for your own patient base is extremely selfish. You are limiting that to only people that could come to your clinic. So why would you not bring the people in your ecosystem if you believe that such an effective thing and add it to their repertoire so they can help other people as well.

Ryan: I think that if you found something that could be helpful for some people that other people don’t know about, you should find a way to share that information. Go ahead.

Anthony: I think that’s the whole kind of summary of what we’re talking about here is you feel that you have very valuable information that is helpful, you should try to use that to help as many people as possible.

Ryan: I think there’s a few reasons why people don’t do that. Number 1, it’s scary to post stuff on the internet.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: You have a thick skin. You are very thick skinned. Anthony is one of the most confident. You have the highest confrontational tolerance of any human being that I’ve ever met.

Anthony: Even without being said though, the first couple of posts that I wrote I had sort of a negative comment.

Ryan: I remember you like calling me, messaging me, “Dude, oh my gosh! People are writing these stuffs” because you put your stuff out there trying to share things you think is valuable and then have many people like tear it apart or be mean. You can take it personally when you are not used to it.

Anthony: Yeah. That’s the age of internet so get used to it.

Ryan: Yeah. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent. You have to focus on. And I think this is where the mentality of 10 or 10,000 comes in.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: If you are focusing on, my goal is to help 10,000 people today or 10,000 people this month. Having the internet trolls say mean things. You can’t focus on that because you are so focused on “I’m out there trying to help large groups of people so I don’t even care.”

Anthony: Yeah. And even if, say somebody post negative comment that make you thinks at certain way either validate your point of view already or it will help you change your mind and grown and learn something new.

Ryan: One of things that… So obviously yesterday, we were at the Bender Village.

Anthony: CrossFit Games 2016 (sounds like 00:15:04).

Ryan: Watching you it was eye opening to me. You would go around 2 different nutrition booths and talk to the owners and give them samples of your product.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: Why would you do that? Explain what the mentality is behind that.

Anthony: There is always a big enough pie to have a slice from. Right? There is no way, unless I am somebody like Johnson and Johnson, you can capture the entire world or country population that I can provide for as many people. I want as many people that are trying to do the same thing as me, basically create awesome products and awareness in nutrition to exist. I mean, this is the thing with “rising tides raise all ships” mentality.

Ryan: I love that. I love that mentality. That saying.

Anthony: And it’s the same thing with anything. You probably feel like “Oh! I have a competitor or I had this advantage. This business advantage because I have the special thing.”

Ryan: “I can’t let anybody know about it.”

Anthony: Exactly. And that is scarcity mindset and I think that it harms us in the long run and most of all, it harms the potential people that you could be helping.

Ryan: If your goal is to help those 10,000 people, you can’t be worried about “Oh what’s other company doing.” “Oh I can’t let them help other people.”  How do those goals in line?  “I have to make, I can’t share what I know or I can’t work with somebody else because that will make them successful and me not successful.” Well then your goal isn’t about helping people. Your goal is about you being successful. And I think depending on what you are focusing on, that will dry you one way or another. You will have to self-evaluate.

Anthony: Right. Exactly. So, the question I guess for everybody that’s listening probably about 2 or 3 people, is your goal to help people and if it is do you have specialized knowledge and if you do, do you want to help 10 or 10,000 people? It should be as simple as that.

Ryan: And we mentioned two examples. My example is online videos workshops. Anthony’s is clean supplements and education.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: But there’s…

Anthony: Completely different even a social media page where anybody could follow and doing it well is helping reach more people that you could reach in your clinic.

Ryan: There’s multiple. There’s maybe a hundred, I mean who knows, how many different things there are. Like what I do is just a thing, what you do is just a thing. How many things are there because everybody has different background knowledge. Everyone has different life experience. What is the thing that you can do that will reach 10,000 people? Now, do you have to neglect the 10 people that you see in your clinic today or 20 or whatever it is – however your practice- to reach 10,000? I don’t think you have to.

Anthony: Absolutely not.

Ryan: You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other but do you have an extra hour per day? We are talking about this yesterday. How long does it take me to put together the material that I put together? 30 minutes a week, 45 minutes a week?

Anthony: (unclear 00:18:04) …loose on the internet.

Ryan: Forever!

Anthony: Billions of people can access potentially that is evergreen, at least forever. It’s not like we worked on one person at one time that knowledge sits there. Right?

Ryan: Yeah. It sits there and it can never be reused because it goes with them and that‘s great. But if it takes 30 to 45 minutes per week for me to make a video, make it nice looking, put it on YouTube and I can help thousands in addition to the ones that I help in person. If your goal’s to help a lot of people, I just don’t see how you cannot do that.

Anthony: Right. And even if people who are motivated about money, if you help more people you get theoretically get more money in return. If that’s your main goal. If you want to be really selfish and talk about just pure monetary value, even if you can provide to a hundred thousand people. That’s more valuable to just 10 people.

Ryan: Right. So monetarily, there’s also huge incentive. If you can help 10,000 people that was worth $1, you don’t have to be charging people thousand dollars.

Anthony: So, I think the obligations to scale yourself really has no excuse to at least try some way to impact more people and provide value to those people

Ryan: And I think until you thought in that way, “How can I get beyond myself? How can I get beyond the physical presence, in the world of internet where information could flow?” Until you kind of have that switch in your mind, it’s like one of those holy crap moments. I never thought about this as a possibility.  So hopefully, to those of you listening are having one of those moments right now of 10 or 10,000. That’s the mindset. Hopefully you can get from this. So, this is what we’re going to do, if you guys have found this valuable, shoot us an email or comment. Let us know what you think.  We’re kind of doing this right on the cup.

Anthony: Yeah. This is a terminal project. If people like it, finds this valuable, we’ll keep doing it and if not, well thank you to the two people who listened.

Ryan: And at least we helped.

Anthony: At least we helped you guys.

Ryan: Two people which means if you guys helped 10,000, we just helped 20,000. Is that what I mean. So, what we want you to do for the rest of the day, after you listened to this, is think for yourself “10 or 10,000 and what is the thing that I can do to reach 10,000?”

Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications which you could find right on the homepage so you can get all the updated podcast and blogpost sent directly to you.  Until then, we will see you next time.

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