Weekly Challenges

We’re posting a new podcast episode every week (and sometimes more) over on iTunes and at the end we’re giving you a challenge. Each challenge is meant so you can take learn and instead of putting it into your knowledge bank, you take action.

Follow along each week as we post new challenges that are designed to make you take action, help more people, and take your business to the next level.

Let us know you’re doing these challenges! Post on social media, tag us, and use #HFBchallenge so we can see how much you’re taking action!

Week 1Week OneDefine your area of expertise where you are currently helping 10 people and think about how you could possibly scale it to help 10,000 people.

Week 2Week Two: Ask yourself what you could learn from working with 10,000 people that you could refine working with 10 people and vice versa.

Week 3Week Three: Create time blocks on your schedule and start dedicating specific tasks for specific times. Ex. four hours for patient care, then two hours for email/task management, then two hours for writing blogs, etc.

Week 4Week Four: Every time you think about having to write the same email twice, set up a canned response or email template so you can save time.

Week 5Week Five: Make a change to your morning routine so that you have more control of your day and stick to it for the week. Tips: Move, eat, write, read, journal, or meditate for top ways other successful people start their days.

Week 6Week Six: Stop being a perfectionist. Finish a task (email, social media post, project) when you feel like it is 90% done and put it out there for the world to see.

Week 7Week Seven: Write down your tasks you do throughout the day and rate them with the above 1-4 system and see where you are at. Try to spend more time at level 3 and 4 with the intention of getting your biggest level 3 tasks up to level 4.

Week 8Week Eight: Think about your audience, your goals, and make a public announcement on either facebook, instagram, or anywhere so that you get things done!

Week 9Week Nine: Turn off all phone notifications for the next week (minus phone calls and text messages) or at least turn your phone into airplane mode at night and don’t take it out of that mode until you’ve gotten something done for the day.

Week 10Week Ten: The challenge this week is a though experiment. If you woke up tomorrow and were unable to do the job that you currently do, how could you still help people in the way that YOU want to, using your current skillset, but in a different way?

Week 11Week Eleven: Identify a process or a task that you find hard or intimidating that you should be doing but aren’t. Choose either anchoring or social accountability and use one of those two tools as a way to make that challenging task into a habit so that over time you can get it done with much less effort.

Week 12Week Twelve: Go buy yourself a sketchbook and some colored pens and start CRANKING out the creativity. There is nothing special about us other than we actively try and create things we think are awesome.

Week 13Week Thirteen: Decide on a medium, solve a problem, and make something (and post it!).

Week 14Week Fourteen:  Figure out where in your business progress comes from. Set a goal for number of deep work hours you will achieve in the coming week with a reward if you hit that goal. Divide that number by 7 to get your daily deep work hours. Each day, get after it and get the hours done. Record your hours.

Week 15Week Fifteen: Define your purpose, vision, and goals.

Week16Week Sixteen: Goalstorm and go through the 6 step action-plan

Week 17Week Seventeen: Practice gratitudes every morning for the next 1 week

Week 18Week Eighteen: For the next week, each night write down two things you need to get done the next day that move the needle forward. Then, wake up a little earlier than usual and DO them!!!!

Week 19Week Nineteen: Frame your ‘asks’ this next week in terms of WII-FM

Week 20Week Twenty: Work your messaging to cover the benefits to the customer so you can provide more value to more people.

Week 21Week Twenty One: Get the Daily Domination Journal and start taking control of your day, weeks, and month.

Week 22Week Twenty Two: Think up 5 things you think should exist but DON’T and use that as a starting point for an online business

Week 23Week Twenty Three: Go above and beyond expectations the next time someone has a bad experience and use that to refine your current processes

Week 24Week Twenty FourDownload the task awareness sheet. Print it off. Fill it out.

Week 25Week Twenty Five: Figure out 1 thing in the next week that you could delegate to someone else. You don’t actually have to delegate it, but figure out what it would be and start building a step by step process that someone else could follow to complete the task for you.

Week 26

Week Twenty Six: Make a profile on UpWork and test the waters, whether that is just making a job posting or exploring the site. Get your feet wet a little bit and see what is out there.

Week 27

Week Twenty Seven: Think up 1 task you do that is repeatable and write it down stepwise (aka make a system). If applicable, take screenshots of each step (If you want to get bonus points, actually hire someone and then hand it off to them).

Week 28

Week Twenty Eight: Write down in your Daily Domination Journal, in the new ideas section, 5 things you have been waiting to do but felt you needed ‘permission’ to actually achieve…and then DO 1!

Week 29

Week Twenty Nine: Get signed up on Movement Providers and tell others who you think should also be listed!

Week 30

Week Thirty: Review your purpose (if you have a DDJ) and check to see that your business actions align with the purpose. If you don’t have a Daily Domination Journal, think about this, ‘What is the purpose of my business?’


Week Thirty One: Research the tools we mentioned and see which one would fit best for your business. And ask yourself, ‘What are you excited for?’

Week Thirty Two:


Week Thirty Three: Get an app or clock or sun dial or hour glass, identify your goals, make a list of tasks, block that time off, and get it done!!


Week Thirty Four: Make a decision about your business structure (or a different decision you have been pondering for way too long) and DO it and then figure out how you need to change and tweak as you go along.


Week Thirty Five: Stop worrying about the 6th or 7th pylon ahead and start making your way toward your NEXT obvious pylon.


Week Thirty Six: Do the exercise we discuss at the end of the podcast.


Week Thirty Seven: Decide the area of expertise you want to grow in.

Week Thirty Eight: Think about something that you want to improve, dedicate a consistent time to it and then find some way for dedicated feedback and improvement.


Week Thirty Nine:  If you’re thinking about getting a tool to complete a job you don’t have to go crazy expensive but also don’t try to penny pinch to save. There’s a reason why things are cheap. Invest in some tools to get the job done.

Week Forty:


Week Forty One: Join the Health Fit Business Community in Slack. (Click here for instructions on how to join.)

Stay tuned for more weekly challenges!