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29 - The Making of Movement Providers - Health Fit Biz

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The Making of Movement Providers

This week Anthony and I want to share with you a behind the scenes look at how we went about making the website Movement Providers.

We wanted to give you guys a look at how and why we thought up to make this service as well as a glimpse into the process of getting it up and running. Additionally, we want to get the network built for this service to grow its utility. The more great people that are on there, the better and more useful the service becomes.

This Week’s Challenge

Get signed up on Movement Providers and tell others who you think should also be listed!






Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 29 and in this episode, Anthony and I want to share with you guys sort of the behind the scenes creation of movementproviders.com which is a directory site that he and I built together. An idea that we had while we were hanging out one day. We want to kind of give you guys a glimpse of how we thought it up and the time frame for execution, how we executed it, the motivations behind it, and give you guys a glimpse of a project that he and I have worked on together and what that looks like. So, without further ado let’s listen in to episode number 29.

Anthony: Back at it again with Dr. Ryan Debell. I am Dr. Anthony Gustin. Welcome to Health Fit Business podcast. On this episode, episode 29…

Ryan: Oh my gosh! You’re so aggressive. I think we’re going to talk about one of our projects.

Anthony: Oh! Shit!

Ryan: What? Are you permission-free? I didn’t ask for permission.

Anthony: You put the explicit sign on all our episodes so I feel like I need to swear now.

Ryan: I don’t put… I just don’t select anything. It does that. I don’t know why.

Anthony: Shit! Anyway, what we’re talking about today. You said projects. Oh yeah! I realized this. When we were trying to… We realized when we were planning episodes to record that we launched this entirely new platform weeks ago and we never told anybody.

Ryan: Probably a month ago (laughs). We kind of forgot to tell you guys and that was actually months ago. Many weeks or also months.

Anthony: Yeah, weeks, months. Anyway. So, what happened is we especially me, I think you get in to this point when I was stepping away from the day to day practice. A lot of my patients especially who travel a lot were asking me and online “Hey! How do I find someone like you who does stuff like you do?”

Ryan: In either this city or some other city?

Anthony: Traveling whatever or when I am doing more stuff online where in their area, more people ask me online where in their area.  It’s like when I was in podcast yesterday and there was always questions of people “Oh! I need to be assessed because I have this problem.” I mean, I wish I could help them over questions on podcast but… Because I need to see someone for a proper assessment. So, we made this- I think you got this all the time too, right?

Ryan: I actually have three more today?

Anthony: Yeah. Way more than me because your whole platform is about movement.

Ryan: Right. My whole platform is about essentially built on this- that it’s a fundamental human right to know how to move your body and be pain free.

Anthony: I remember when that was germinated when we were parking to get poke.

Ryan:  Is that when it was? In Seattle?

Anthony: Stop and Shop!

Ryan: That’s right! Oh! Best poke in Seattle is like out of this weird little like corner shop.

Anthony: Right! And the best poke in SF as far as I know is iPoki we had today. Poke.

Ryan:  Yeah! So, good. Yeah. You know, my whole thing is about fundamental human right to know how to move your body and be pain free. So, I get a lot of emails like “Hey! I live in New York City. Do you know anybody that like understands shoulder rehab?” Something like that and I go “Well,” what I used to say was “I’ll ask around.”

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: And now I look at that and then I go “Hey! I don’t have the capacity to ask around for the numbers”. So, what was the solution? Well, why don’t we make a place on the internet… Do you like the way my hands look like right now?

Anthony: Yeah! I am just patiently waiting for you to point here.

Ryan:  Why don’t we make a resource for people to find so I can just say “Go to movementproviders.com and search in your area and find someone and you can read about them and see photos, read reviews.” Something like that.

Anthony: Right and so…

Ryan: We decided to just make it.

Anthony: The name was Movement Providers because one of the reasons why we chose it is… It’s not Movement Chiros, it’s not Movement Doctors, it’s not any specific thing because they are more than just clinicians that can help you feel better and move better. A lot of people think that they are the only chiros, only PTs, only sportsmen physicians, or only clinicians can get you better if you have pain. I don’t think that’s true. I would quote a lot of people here when I was in pricey San Francisco where I would… Like someone would have pains and I said “Oh! Just go to physio services. Just go to this personal trainer. Go to this gym workout because that’s the problem that you have and they can fix it because they know how you should be moving and the problem is you’re not moving well.” And so, the Movement Provider is not necessarily clinicians but more so person who can help you move better and become pain-free.

Ryan:  Anybody who works with other human beings in some sort of professional way that involves movement is who should be listing their business on the website.

Anthony: And so why did we make this? There was a couple other platforms out there but their usability wasn’t great. That was basically what I was using to help find people when people asked me and their user interface, it was more  frustrating than it was like I can’t use it. So obviously, I just didn’t bother.

Ryan: Yeah. There’s like some platform specific ones like, technique-specific ones. There’s Google. There’s Yelp. I mean, there’s million different listing services on the internet.

Anthony: It was not a consolidated source that work well and it was quick and free was another thing.

Ryan:  And somewhat niche. Because like Yelp, you can just find any weird number of people who list something but people who list on Movement Providers, they’re going to list on that website because that’s what they do specifically. And we want it to be free so that there are no payment barrier to having the best providers listed on the site. Because I don’t want to just look and find people who are pay-providers. I want people who are providers who are good. But then sometimes the good ones are going to pay and sometimes they are not going to pay. So, we made a free-option as well a premium option because we wanted everyone who wanted to sign up all you have to do is enter your name, post your photos and like write your profile.

Anthony: Right. And so, one of the biggest things. In the premium section, the questions that I got when I first launched this from the people I showed this to was “Well, how are you going to know if they’re really good let’s say 5000 people sign up tomorrow?” So, we made what we call as verified profile and so to be completely transparent in this whole thing, so there’s a free version with people could sign up that has more than what other paid services has and then there’s paid versions which essentially pay for the employees that we have to screen them in our time when we interview them personally. It’s not like a money-making thing for us. This isn’t a business where we take money at all. So…

Ryan: No, we don’t make money.

Anthony: We haven’t to and we will not and so it was more so like…

Ryan:  Maybe we need $5.

Anthony: You have that check and you did not tell me? You took the owner’s job at $5?

Ryan: Little owner’s equity. Oh, with that payroll tax.

Anthony: We’re busted! We need permission for that.

Ryan:  No I don’t. ESCORP.

Anthony: Anyway, it was moving away from the day to day clinician role where I felt I needed to put something out there because didn’t exist. So, this is a good example of the previous episode of permission-free marketing. I keep on saying that! “Permission-free life,” “permission-free decisions.”

Ryan: I don’t know. Why do you keep on saying? I think it’s marketing.

Anthony: I think it’s book by Seth Godin actually.

Ryan:  What is?

Anthony: Permission-free marketing?

Ryan: Really?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Do we have an affiliate link for that?

Anthony: Fine. We’ll put it in the show notes. So, I said “Hey Ryan! We should make this!” Because when we are together, sometimes we have pretty whacky ideas. That’s where this podcast and the journal came out of. We essentially get together and we say “Oh! This will be really cool if we do this.” And then we say “Okay! Let’s do it.”

Ryan: In our 36 hours together and we come up with like, we don’t know what the ideas are and we spent a day and it’s like “We’re going to make a book. Yeah! Let’s make this website. Let’s do some other stuff that we are not going to disclose yet.”

Anthony: Right. And so, I flew up to Seattle on a Tuesday, Wednesday. By the following Monday, we had launched this fully fledged web listing directory website. We did nothing for. Like I was like in a dark room for 18 hours a day, like in my underwear typing in a keyboard, trying to program this thing. It took a lot of effort and a lot of time but, it was worth it! It was a really cool thing. We haven’t told anybody about it since then.

Ryan: Yeah. So, if you’re listening to this and you are not listed, do us a big favor and get over there  

Anthony: Be part of the community. This only works when there’s people on there.

Ryan: I think we are approaching 200.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan:  160, 170.

Anthony: Yeah! There’s bunch of different countries. Super clean interface. If you are patient or if you are a clinician looking for referral…

Ryan: Yeah!

Anthony: You can go on there and tap by certification, by profession, and have a really complex filtering system.  Like again, I just wanted to save myself time, I am particular for design as well and I wanted it to look nice. I want the profile to look nice. I don’t anyone to be you know… So, the filtering thing was a huge for us. You can search by area. “I want somebody who does functional movement, screening, FMS, within a personal trainer or a gym owner or a chiropractor in 25-mile radius.” Hit it and then find people who are there. If you are not a provider but you think you know somebody who should be on there, a gym owner or a massage therapist, chiro, PT, please do us a favor and just shoot them a link to movementproviders.com. Again, it’s a completely free thing for them to sign up.   

Ryan:  There’s no like trick.

Anthony: There’s no catch. Like we don’t even take email addresses from customers for any reasons.  Customers being like a patient.

Ryan: Someone who wants to go look for provider.

Anthony: Which is thought of, in the era of internet marketing, “What the hell are you doing?” Well I mean, movement care. We just want to make a really cool directory.

Ryan:  Yeah and also to like, I think it’s important to note that there’s a lot of personal trainers that are listed. There are gyms at that list. So again, it’s not just medical providers like anyone who’s working with somebody professionally with human movement.  But yes, so completely free. You should sign up. Why did we do this? Because we felt like it needed to be done and there was a resource that we both wanted we didn’t feel like existed and… You know what’s funny? Someone asked me like “Oh man! How long has this site been in development? It looks really good!” I said, “We decided 5 days ago to make this.”  

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: And he’s like “What?!”  “Well yeah. With Dr. Anthony Gustin.”

Anthony: This is what can be done when you start implementing all the stuff that we talked about in the podcast in the journal. This is the whole point of the 10 or 10,000. This is an example of what you can do when you’re not bogged down with the kind of day to day clinic.

Ryan: When you’re thinking bigger to like “How do I solve a bigger problem and just try to fill my schedule with a couple more people.”

Anthony: Right. And the point of this for instance, I could have… In the time, it takes to build this website, I could have seen what maybe like sixty patients total?

Ryan: Okay.

Anthony: This can live on and grow into community and then hopefully I mean, my goal with it is to speed up the time in which people who have an injury and find someone who can get them better because that’s one of the main problem I saw in the clinic was people were being shuffled around back and forth going the…

Ryan: Or they just don’t know where to go.

Anthony: Toughness-device chiro and like MDs who didn’t know anything about movement who will then refer them to PT who has been doing same type of rehab for the last 85 years. And so, people won’t get better.  And so, if I can shorten that time and provide that service in thousand, ten thousand, five thousand, hundred thousand people can look at and benefit from that. That is time better spent than helping sixty people in my opinion.

Ryan: Also, too, what we wanted to do for this is really educate people who are going to the site looking for somebody. For example, we have all of the most common certifications as well as like let’s say someone is a CSCS or let’s say someone does Graston technique. We have all of those listed on there with the description as well as links out. Because a lot of times, people look at some of the providers’ names “I don’t know any of these stuffs.” So, we wanted to help improve overall education of everybody. But especially for the person who is going to the site looking for somebody by filling that stuff out. That was something else we thought about when we think about “How do we provide value to the most people.” It is not just about creating platform for providers to grow their business. I mean, that is one of the goals, but to educate the consumer on what are all these stuffs mean so they can make a good choice for themselves.

Anthony:  It’s for free. It’s for providers. It’s for patients. Everybody wins. I get to have a cool platform where I could like to consolidate the community I’d like to still be part of even though I’m not a day to day. I think it’s cool. You should check it out, movementproviders.com. We also have an Instagram where we post cool tips and tricks and things that we think you should know about moving from some of our providers and to the people on the community.  So, this week the COW, the challenged of the week. I’m going to make that stick.

Ryan:  Okay. Do it! Here is the stick. Is that a Seth Godin book 2?

Anthony: Sure! Guys wrote 8000 book.

Ryan: A different.

Anthony: A different book, author.

Ryan:  It is a book but it’s a different author.

Anthony: Anyways! Time to get your sticky COW and what we’re going to do is head to Movement Providers. You need to sign up as a provider if you are one or recommend it to your provider that you see.

Ryan: Or the gym that you go to or trainers that you work with.

Anthony: Anyone whom you think is exceptional with helping people move better.

Ryan:  Yeah! So, that’s it?

Ryan & Anthony: Get after it!

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.