How do I Even Start?




Ryan: Welcome back to the Health Fit Business podcast.  I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. This is episode… I’ve no idea but it’ll say on iTunes. In this episode, Anthony and I  recorded it at the airport in Minneapolis after spending the weekend in Minneapolis. I was doing a Movement Fix workshop and then we spoke at a chiropractic school for Health Fit Business on business automation and digital marketing. Things like that. Anyways in this episode, it’s based on a lot of questions we got from the students we were speaking with at the school in Minneapolis and one of the big ideas was how do I know what I should be doing right now without really knowing what the bigger picture looks like? That’s what we really get into along with some other tangents. Of course, in this episode and if you do not already have your copy of the Daily Domination Journal, go to and pick yours up today, alright? Let’s get into it.

Ryan: Dr.  Anthony Gustin!

Anthony: Dr. Anthony Gustin. Welcome again to another episode of  I guess with me this…

Ryan: Oh my gosh! Your co-host guest.  Where are we right now?

Anthony: We are at the Escape Lounge.

Ryan: In Minneapolis. We just…

Anthony: MSP

Ryan: spent a few days together. I was in Chicago doing Movement Fix workshop and in Minneapolis doing one and then we did a special talk in Northwestern Health Sciences University for the chiro students there- Sunday night

Anthony: We did some deep work yesterday.

Ryan: We did some deep deep work yesterday. On this episode, what we’re going to talk about is something that came up quite a bit during our talk at the school. A lot of the student that were there asking questions along similar lines. I think that one of the themes that were common was “How do I know where to start?” You know there is so much out there to do. There is so much, so many choices. “Do I read these books?” “Do I develop certain skill set?” “How do I know?” We did not directly answer this.

Anthony: There was a, kind of a realization a lot of us that we initially tried to talk about and why we have this podcast in this whole Health Fit Biz platform is to motivate people to be doing things bigger than what they are expected and to scale up and have more impact  and do things that they really want to do. This is a big thing that recurring theme also. I feel like I can do more than just  seeing people on  a day to day basis as a chiropractor like me being a technician. I think it is a suffocating feeling not knowing exactly  how to peel away from what is expected of you and how to start doing more things. “How do I get started?” was the biggest thing.

Ryan: So, what was your answer when somebody asked you that?

Anthony: The answer was, you know…

Ryan: The best thing you do right now is anything.

Anthony: I said anything and now.

Ryan: Like tonight.

Anthony: And so I challenged a few people invested in to take action that night.

Ryan: Immediately

Anthony: And there was this Serbian lad who had a business idea. I said “You should have a prototype by the end of this week.”

Ryan: Yeah. People are not used to being challenged that way. Start doing it and get a lot of progress done quickly.  

Anthony: When to start and how to start.  So when to start is…

Ryan:  Right now.

Anthony: Yeah. When you show up this podcast, you started.  

Ryan:  I don’t think you know what to do until you start doing.

Anthony: You needed just to think of “Where do I want to go?” “What could that possibly lead to?” And then start hacking away.

Ryan: Versus like and something I used to do a lot was “Oh! I really have to examine. I really have to make the correct first step.” You don’t know. There is no way to know that until you start just taking blind steps and then you learned from those and then you make better steps and that takes you down to rabbit holes. I really didn’t realize I need to learn and get better at this particular thing. There is no way you could have known that before you started. So, literally the best way to know what to do is to start doing anything.

Anthony:And so, a good example of this. Last night we always have this crazy business ideas and one of them was I think what it need to be in existence is better testing and diagnostics to provide and prevent disease  and so we were trying think about his and we came to conclusion “Well I guess we need to learn more about biochemistry.”

Ryan: Yeah! Because… Let’s talk a little bit more about that testing process and how we kind of thought to figure out what’s the next step was and then who knows we’ll just start doing that and then that will take us down the path that we needed to go.

Anthony: Right. And so, if we want to have better testing… So, the way I think about lab testing currently is it’s kind of a response to management of conditions and diagnostic conditions after there are already a problem and not preventing and having a system in place to stop diseases in their tracks. And so,what would need to exist if that was the case? Okay. We would need a lot of data. How do we get that data? Maybe a wearable. Okay. How then will we track stuffs? We don’t really know. What part of biometric markers that will we need to track?

Ryan: So we need to learn more about the biometrics and the biochemistry. Yeah. Yeah.  Podcasting over here.  We need to figure out the biochemistry that would be required  to know the answer and we don’t really necessarily know what that is until you start measuring and testing and figuring out.

Anthony: And so, the conclusion was I guess do this we learn about biochemistry. Elon Musk does the same thing. He says  “For humans to continue being humans, we need to become interplanetary.” Therefore, people on mars, we need the rackets to get to Mars.  Okay. How do you build a rocket?

Ryan: Better go read rocket books and talk to engineers in different fields. Our field being health, we go, instead  of the current wave to fighting a disease based on this one large  blood marker which we say “Okay once it’s above this you have a disease and if below that, then you don’t.”  Like you were saying last night.

Anthony: Simply broken.

Ryan: You… It’s not like one minute you have the diseases and the next one you don’t. There is obviously some sort of… The question will be “What numbers do I need to know that tells me when I’m headed in that direction?” We have to obviously, that reveal what we needed to  learn more about. We’ll go learn more about that and we’ll see where that takes us until we exploit that, we won’t know what to do.

Anthony: Right and this is as simple as I want to educate more people about swimming and taking care of their shoulders when they are swimming.

Ryan: And then you find the most limiting thing , you start doing this and you just learn about that and you find new limitations and then learn about that. But to think  going to be in foresight this step, this step, this step it’s not real.  

Anthony: Okay. “How will I do that?” You just make a list. “Oh! I could post on Facebook. I could write a blog. I could do Instagram. I could do a Youtube video. ” “What’s the best? Maybe an Instagram post. What do I need to get that done? I need to make an account and then use my cellphone to videotape me saying something.” That’s how you get started. You break it down and break it down and break it down until the most digestible chunk that you can handle. So for us, breaking it down “Oh! We need to learn more biochemistry if we want to go this route.” “We need to learn more about biometrics.” That’s a route that we would need to go to from the path and the same thing if you want to educate people about swimming and shoulder, you need to break it down to digestible  chunk and then just start doing it and then going  back the way at it.”

Ryan: So, maybe people are thinking right now Anthony like, “That sounds great, that sounds cool! I don’t even know what’s that thing that I’m trying to solve.” You know what I mean?

Anthony: No.

Ryan: That’s all a different kind of worms isnt it?

Anthony: Yeah. One since asked that. What was my question?

Ryan: You said “What is success? What does it look like 5 or 10 years when you are successful? “

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: So…

Anthony: “Oh! I don’t know uh… ”

Ryan: It’s a hard question.

Anthony: Successful. What does success looks like to you?

Ryan: Yeah. How do you actually define that and until you define that  that’s how you start going down this path.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Maybe that’s the next step. We’ll talk more about that and how to think like that. But you gotta start taking actions on what seems like the first limiting steps whether that is a technical skill or knowledge skill action. Like just getting something done.

Anthony: There is a lot of comment stuff when we were last night, two nights ago. Remember both of our accounts started at zero followers.

Ryan: Like Instagram account, Youtube, email.

Anthony: This podcast started at zero now it is at 17.  You have to start somewhere.

Ryan: People know that is not true because there is more than 17 people in this slack channel I think.

Anthony: Ousted!

Ryan: 20!

Anthony: So, oh yeah! Go to it if you haven’t signed up yet. A whole community there.

Ryan: Growing everyday and becoming more active and helpful for everybody everyday.

Anthony: But starting and staying consistent is how you get to where you want to be

Ryan: And if you are waiting around to try to figure it out , that is not consistency, it is consistently thinking instead of doing stuff, and you have to consistently do things. It is not always going to be right. It’s not always going to be in retrospect the best thing but you have to go down the path to get there, and even if you have a few missteps, that’s how you go down the path, better.

Anthony: Correct. So, it is all about taking actions immediately and staying consistent with doing whatever you want to do. That is the secret sauce. We’ve done that for four and a half years, we have all these things that are finally starting to tip and bubble up to what we want in the beginning. It wasn’t just that we flipped the switch and had all these contents, all these resources and all these products. It’s like when we started when we did right out of school.

Ryan: Yeah.

Anthony: We just hammered it right away last four and a half years. Now we’re where we are at.

Ryan: It is a journey. You don’t necessarily, like  a year ago, you didn’t know where you would be what you will be trying to accomplish now. It is always funny when Facebook sends you that thing and it’s like three years ago here’s the memory. And I would look back and then I go “Man! How different was I thinking and my mindset!” But if I was not constantly trying to take action and do things  day in, day out, it essentially be the same.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan:  And you look back, well I’m kind of doing the same thing I was doing three years ago. And for some people, that is great. But for other people it is horrible to look back and think that you are the same three years ago.

Anthony: I hope that in three years, I am doing not even close to what I am doing right now.

Ryan: And the only way to know or to make that happen is consistently taking actions, sometimes  it is spot on. Sometimes it is way off!

Anthony: So, you just got to start pulling the thread. You got to tag on it,

Ryan: See how it unravels.  So, what is the Challenge of the Week? What’s the COW?

Anthony: The challenge is to start doing something that you have been putting off today. Shut up this podcast and go do it. Whether that’d be reading article, posting something and making Instagram account, just start and think about how you can do that consistently.

Ryan: Yeah. Start doing something  differently or you don’t have to add… It’s not something you are already doing, it is actually doing something you are currently doing.  Break your, get out of your lane.

Anthony: Start now.

Ryan: Start now, Challenge of the Week.

Anthony:  COW

Anthony and Ryan: Get after it!

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.