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40 - How to Break through a Lack of Motivation - Health Fit Biz








Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 40 and in this episode Anthony and I share with you guys our thoughts on motivation, how you can start to feel motivated, why you may not need to feel motivated before you start doing the things that you need to do, and some strategies you can use to get more things done faster that are critical for your success. So, without further ado, let’s listen in to episode number 40.

Ryan: Dr. Anthony Gustin!

Anthony: Welcome! Welcome!

Ryan: Welcome back to another episode of the Health Fit…

Anthony: Biz…

Ryan: podcast. This is episode something and I think we have maybe 40 to 50 listeners now.

Anthony: I think we should be nearing at least about 50 and so that’s the case.

Ryan: How many iTunes reviews should there be?

Anthony: I think there should at least be 50 and I don’t care for five stars or one star but we should at least have some feedbacks. So, please go on there.

Ryan: If you guys listen to this. Say you either love it or hate it or you feel lukewarm or whatever.

Anthony: We’re all about taking action. So, get after and go get us a review.

Ryan: Thank you. We appreciate it.

Anthony: Challenge of the Week is you guys review. We’ll see you next time.

Ryan: That’s the episode? What are we talking about? We’re talking about motivation and feel… People waiting ‘til they feel like doing something and waiting ‘til they feel motivated and why that you know, some motivation is required but why that typically isn’t helpful especially right after getting done with a schooling program like say a PT program or Chiro program or anything. You know, where you spent a lot of time and effort and energy working working working almost to the point of, I don’t know about you, but when we graduated I felt depleted like I literally…

Anthony: I know what you’re talking about for sure.

Ryan: Like I had no emotions. I had no highs. I had no lows. I was just…

Anthony: I still have no emotion.

Ryan: You have an interesting emotion but you have emotions. It’s just…

Anthony: Very little. Very little.

Ryan: No. That’s… Well, whatever. Okay. But you know when I graduated I wasn’t motivated. I was tired. I was tired for like a year.

Anthony: This is also kind of a similar thing to people saying like “Oh I just haven’t done my passion yet. I’m just not passionate about that yet.”

Ryan: One of the reasons why, you know, we are so interested in people taking action is because usually you don’t feel like doing something until you are already doing it.

Anthony: Right. Or until you see the results of doing the said thing.

Ryan: Yeah. Like for example you finally see you know where you’re turning the corner financially with what you’re doing or you know creating the value that you want to create for people and then that actually motivates you more and that motivation in that way may not have been there when you start. There’s actually a lot of psychological research showing that you changed your feelings and your thoughts after you take the action that needs to be done.

Anthony: Have you read the book So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport?

Ryan: I haven’t read that one yet.

Anthony: Yeah. So, this Deep Work guy. This is his book for that and it was essentially about this whole principle that you don’t find passion before you start doing tasks. You do tasks, get good at them, and then find passion or get results from it and then have the passion. The same thing here, you know, you can interchange the word passion and motivation as much as you want. Basically, that feeling of wanting to do something and getting excited about it I think. And so, I mean, a good example for us is this podcast and also with Health Fit Biz. It’s like in the beginning I was like “Yeah, yeah. I was going to do this fun little thing.” But now I’m like super pumped up upper body and motivated to like keep doing all the secret stuff that we’re doing.

Ryan: All the what?

Anthony: Secret stuff.

Ryan: Why are you so pumped up and motivated about it now?

Anthony: Because now we have this definitely a flow going. We’re getting a lot of feedback from people saying they’re learning a ton and they want to hear this and want to hear that and…

Ryan: Or maybe they started a business or they took certain action step that they were waiting and that’s, man, we didn’t have that motivation when we started. It didn’t come until after we did this.

Anthony: Right. It was kind of like this “Oh we’re just going to record this stuff, you know, and just…” It’s basically just us rant about different business topics that we’ve learned so we don’t forget them.

Ryan: Yeah. You know, a really good example of this actually that sometimes I will employ is when you’re not feeling good, if you smile and just hold the smile you can’t help but improve your mood and like kind of laugh. Have you ever tried this?

Anthony: No. Sounds hilarious though. I’m trying it right now and it’s not working.

Ryan: What? You’re not even in the screen. I can’t even see you. Show me. That’s kind of a weird smile. It’s not a happy smile.

Anthony: It’s going to get creepy clown smile.

Ryan: But anyways like you may not see it there, you laugh because you’re smiling. You may not always feel a certain way until you’re already doing it. I mean how many times does this happen like you’re like “Ah I don’t want to start this task.” But then…

Anthony: What about working out?

Ryan: Oh yeah. Working out, great example like “I don’t feel like going to the gym.” And then in the middle of the workout and afterwards you’re like “Gah! I felt so freakin’ good.”

Anthony: Or even multiple workouts. “Oh, I don’t want to start this new workout plan or whatever.” And then once you start seeing results…  

Ryan: Or eating healthy like “Ah I just want to eat this ice cream.” And then you for whatever reason you force yourself to do it and after while yeah you see the body composition changed or you feel different from it.

Anthony: For eating ice cream?

Ryan: No, no, no. From not eating ice cream. Eating healthy, sorry.

Anthony: I thought you’re going to announce a little ice cream eating diet.

Ryan: No, no, no. Sorry to be ambiguous with that statement. So, you eat, you’re not always going to feel that way and the same thing will be true about starting a new project or beginning a new venture of any sort or even just waking up in the morning and knowing that “I got all this stuff I have to do.” I think a good method is start with one little task like one thing for working out would be “If I just go, let me just go and just do five push-ups.” Like if all you commit to is doing something small that’s a good way to sort of trick yourself into starting to take the action that will then change how you feel.

Anthony: Got to build that momentum up!

Ryan: Exactly. But waiting until you feel motivated, there are so many times when that feeling is not there but to rely on a feeling to determine whether or not you should take the action required, you know, kind of a short-term thing.

Anthony: It’s like waiting to drive your car to like turning the key and start the ignition until you’re already moving.

Ryan: Oh my. What?

Anthony: If… Yeah. Exactly.

Ryan: Say that again.

Anthony: It’s like waiting to start your car until you’re already driving.

Ryan: Yeah. You got to do that first.

Anthony: You need to start doing things first and then the motivation momentum will come and the results are coming in and they’ll pile on each other, you’ll get better at stuff. That’s now a thing too, it’s like, it’s hard to be motivated about something when you suck at it.

Ryan: Oh yeah. And when you’re first started doing anything you usually not feel good about it.

Anthony: You feel awkward. It’s not fun. But then when you get good at it, it’s awesome. It’s great.

Ryan: Yeah. And that requires going through times when you aren’t motivated. When you don’t just feel like excited about doing it.

Anthony: People make this excuses around this a lot of times like “Ah I’m just like I’m not ready for this yet. It’s like I don’t feel like the passion, motivation behind me yet.”

Ryan: You’re not going to feel it ‘til you do it.

Anthony: Yeah. And so, I say get after it on that.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Exactly. You know what else too is like reading books to get motivated to do something when in fact you could’ve just done it and got in the motivation anyways and you saved yourself a lot of time. You know what I’m saying? How many motivational books do you need to read before you just start doing the thing that needs to be done and more motivation will come out of that and the result of doing the action and seeing the progress you get rid of so many like kind of bad feelings of like “I kind of waiting around blah blah blah.” And you take the action, you get after it and it changes how you feel retroactively. Not the other way around. I don’t wake up… Do you wake up every morning motivated to work super hard? I mean maybe now actually. But there are certainly days…

Anthony: I woke up today and I was in bed for like an hour and a half drinking coffee and like just not wanting to do anything ‘because I know how much of things I need to do today. When I got up, I head out, started crossing things off, start getting pumped up and that’s when the motivation came.

Ryan: Right, right. So, you’re not motivated right when you wake up but then you, you know, you start getting the ball rolling. You start building momentum. Even throughout the day and then suddenly it’s like “I wish I got to keep crashing things out.” And I know that this is something I struggle with a lot, as I mentioned, after school ‘because I was just so tired. I never felt like doing anything and so instead what I did is I read a lot of books because I didn’t want to actually do stuff. But now I know that that’s flawed. That’s flawed thinking. That’s a flawed method.

Anthony: Yeah. All this stuff that we talked about we never try to say like “We’re awesome because we know how these things do.” It’s us having to struggle through everything that we’ve talked about and try to make all the mistakes and saying like “Okay. Your loss that we fucked up on the last four years. Don’t make the same mistakes please.”

Ryan: Yeah. Life would be so much… Things would have been so much easier early on had we been able to learn from… or if someone had candidly shared their experiences.

Anthony: Yeah. That’s essentially what this podcast is for us. It’s like trying to help other people have a shortcut to not take all the mist… not have all the mistakes that we’ve had.

Ryan: So, as an example, I actually just posted today a thing on my Instagram in regard to this that you know someone else’s breakthrough, someone else’s progress can be your starting point. And I think that’s from the book Sapiens, isn’t it?

Anthony: I don’t know. I think it’s also from Wait! But Why? article.

Ryan: Oh, is that where it was from? Was it from Wait… Oh it was from the Wait! But Why? article.

Anthony: Kind of. I mean, he was saying that everyone’s starting point was somebody else’s like pinnacle.

Ryan: Yeah. So, like if we can let other people start from a starting point that includes like the knowing the mistakes that we made, that’s so much better. You can be years ahead not having to go through this struggles and things.

Anthony: That’s what motivates us and pumps us up is when we hear this stuff of about all you guys, all you 50 people who listen to this, the three people who comment and say “Oh yeah. I’m finally taking an action.” Like if you want us to be pumped and keeping that more content, you keep reaching out and give us those stars and let us know what’s going on and it will pump us up more. That’s how it works.

Ryan: Yeah. Although, we don’t need to be pumped up now, do we? To do it because we know.

Anthony: Oh, we know.

Ryan: But it doesn’t mean that being pumped up and motivated isn’t freaking awesome, right? I mean who doesn’t want to be doing what they like to do and be motivated and pumped up to do it? But the starting point isn’t always that way. I mean there’s so many analogies and you know how I like analogies like my ice cream analogy I was like talk about or how about a like an airplane analogy, right? Like it takes a lot more energy to get off the ground than it does to stay in the air or how about turning a heavy like you know those things where like a wheat grinder or something like that where you have to like push these bars that makes this thing spin and it’s super hard to get it rolling but after a while it has momentum it’s much easier to push.

Anthony: What about the temperature it takes and energy it takes to freeze ice cream and then to keep it frozen.

Ryan: What? I’m sure it’s…

Anthony: You remember that shop we went to in Portland?

Ryan: Yes, I can. I remember that very carefully and very clearly. What about it?

Anthony: They’re opening one here.

Ryan: What?

Anthony: So, next time when you come next month we’ll be able to hang out, have a little snack together.

Ryan: Are you saying once in a while it’s okay to eat ice cream?

Anthony: Yeah. And the more you do the more motivated you get about eating ice cream.

Ryan: I’m not sure if this is good advice or bad advice. I don’t need motiv… I am always very motivated to eat ice cream. I wasn’t you know… That’s a mechanism for human beings to stay alive, right? Eat things that make you fat so that when famine comes you have resources to stay alive.

Anthony: I’m good at being human then.

Ryan: Anyways…

Anthony: What’s the COW? We’re getting ridiculous right now.

Ryan: We are getting ridiculous but that’s okay to be rid… It’s okay to be ridiculous once in a while.

Anthony: Don’t wait to start…

Ryan: Something… Okay, how about this. Here’s the COW, the next time you feel the urge to do like you know you need to do something but you don’t feel motivated try to put that feeling aside and just mindlessly start taking action on that task. It doesn’t have to be some huge thing but commit to doing…  Let’s say how about this, commit to doing five minutes of work on that thing. And give yourself permission if after five minutes you still don’t want to do it then stop. But most likely after doing five minutes you’ll be like, you’ll want to keep going because now you’re doing it and your actions will change about how you’re feeling about doing the thing. Is that a COW?

Anthony: That’s great advice. I think you guys should take that and you should get after it.

Ryan: Get after it.

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.