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28 - Living Unapologetically Permission Free - Health Fit Biz



Living the Unapologetically Permission Free Life


We go our whole life having to ask for permission, from when we are a little kid asking our parents, to asking our teachers, to asking our boss, etc.

But at some point, you may be waiting for permission to do something when you don’t actually need permission (this is especially true if you own your own business).

We are trained to think we need someone externally to tell us something is ok before we go do it. And it is time to stop waiting and start doing. It’s time to live unapologetically permission free. Do the things you want to do, without permission, and don’t feel bad about it.

Don’t do anything illegal…obviously.

We put these limitations on ourselves out of feeling like ‘am I allowed to do this?’ or ‘is this ok?’. Instead we should be thinking: who is going to stop me?

Literally…who could actually stop you from doing what you want to do? Are you just worried about people not liking what you’re doing? Live permission free. Go make it happen.

This Week’s Challenge

Write down in your Daily Domination Journal, in the new ideas section, 5 things you have been waiting to do but felt you needed ‘permission’ to actually achieve…and then DO 1!





Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back to the Health Fit Business podcast. This is episode number 28 and it is on the idea of living unapologetically permission free. We grow up our whole lives asking for permission and then we grow up and we go into the real world, we go into the business world and we wait around too long for permission which will never happen. It does not exist. And so, this episode is all about how to break free from that mindset that you need to wait for people to tell you something is okay before you go do it. So, without further ado, let’s listen in to episode number 28 and if you do not already have a Daily Domination Journal, make sure to go the healthfit.biz/journal to pick yours up today.

Ryan: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.

Anthony: Hello, hello, hello!

Ryan: That’s Dr. Anthony Gustin across the table here.

Anthony: And this is Dr. Ryan Debell.

Ryan: I guess, we are into seeing each other. This is episode number 28.

Anthony: That is Ryan Debell.

Ryan: This is me. This is episode…

Anthony: And this is me.

Ryan: number 28.

Anthony: That’s a golden! That’s my golden birthday.

Ryan: What?

Anthony: No. I’m… That’ll be fifteen. Well yeah.

Ryan: You’re 28?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Oh, my gosh. What an incredible humanoid. What an incredible sapien.

Anthony: What are you?

Ryan: 30.

Anthony: Oh man. Ooohh… Sorry.

Ryan: Anyways, this is episode 28 and what we’re going to talk about is something that I think is awesome. And I was just moving my mic for style. I was thinking about the movie The Fifth Element, you know?

Anthony: Yeah which part? I’ve seen the movie maybe a hundred and fifty times.

Ryan: Really? I’ve seen it a hundred and fifty-one times.

Anthony: Right. Let’s watch it tonight.

Ryan: Can we please?

Anthony: Yeah. Seriously though.

Ryan: I just watched it like a month ago. Let’s watch it. Did you finish watching West World?

Anthony: No. I went up.

Ryan: Oh, my gosh! Your job was to finish West World for God so we could talk about it!

Anthony: Let’s just do, man.

Ryan: Are we off topic right now?

Anthony: Yeah. Well…

Ryan: Okay…

Anthony: So, what we’re talking about this episode… I am making sure people are paying attention.

Ryan: Yes. Is being… You want to say it?

Anthony: I don’t know what you going to say. I don’t… I have fifteen ideas. Which is the next one? I don’t know what we’re talking about.

Ryan: You know what? I have it listed here 28th! You don’t need permission.

Anthony: Okay, this one.

Ryan: Oh, my gosh! I love this.

Anthony: Who taught you about this recently?

Ryan: You did.

Anthony: What did I say?

Ryan: You said… What genius told you about this, Ryan? You said, “I’m just living that permission free life, baby.”

Anthony: That’s probably what I said on a text.

Ryan: That is what you said and then that is my interpretation of how you said it. “I’m living the permission free life.”

Anthony: That’s just a stupid thing to say.

Ryan: No, why is it? I think that’s a fantastic thing to say. And then I’ve added Ryan so on a little flare to it which is I’m living the unapologetically permission free life.

Anthony: We’re going to make t-shirts that all seven that you can buy.

Ryan: What are they going to say? Now this is episode 28 so we have 28 people.

Anthony: Now, we’re getting better.

Ryan: Oh! We just got a new follower.

Anthony: Welcome.

Ryan: Welcome.

Anthony: Welcome Joe.

Ryan: From Texas? Thanks for joining the conference call today.

Anthony: Alright so Joe, John… So, Ryan, when you heard about this permission free marketing I just randomly said for no reason what…

Ryan: Permission free what?

Anthony: Permission free life.

Ryan: I think you said marketing?

Anthony: Yeah. I don’t know where my head’s at. Anyway, what did you think when I said that? I don’t l even know what I meant when I said it. I don’t think. Just kidding.

Ryan: You don’t need permission at all. Umm, we… I think it’s because… I think it’s…

Anthony: What are we talking about?

Ryan: I don’t know we’re talking about but that’s beyond, besides point. The point is this…

Anthony: I think it goes something where you’re like, “Oh you’re doing that.” and like “Yeah. Fuck it.” like I’m living that permission…

Ryan: Oh ‘because you made the Keto sticks.

Anthony: Oh yeah.

Ryan: And I was like, “Wow! You are just molding the universe to your vision.” and you said, “Just living the permission free life.”  And I was… You know, we want people to tell us the what we’re doing is okay and that we’re allowed to do it. Well, I mean you don’t.

Anthony: Step by step. I’m getting there.  I was waiting for the planning department to give me permission today.

Ryan: The what?

Anthony: The planning department.

Ryan: For what?

Anthony: The retail’s base. On the wraps.

Ryan: Oh, the retails base. Are we allowed to talk about this?

Anthony: Not yet ‘cause that’s untimely so…

Ryan: So, let’s continue talking about being unapologetically permission free. So, I think it has to do with you know, growing up and we always had to ask for permission. We had to ask our teacher for permission and our parents for permission. “Can I stay with my friend’s house? Can I play more? Am sixty-four, can we get PT?” You know what I mean? And we always had to get their approval and then we become you know business owners. And I think some of that sticks around for a lot of people like…

Anthony: Or tons of it.

Ryan: “Am I allowed to do this?” Like “Is this okay for me to do this? Is it okay for me to make a Keto stick? Is it okay for…” What?

Anthony: I’m just thinking.

Ryan: Like, “Yes, yes. All those things are okay.” “Is it okay for me to have a pizza party?” No. “Is it okay for me to drink this LaCroix?” Yes.

Anthony: Yes. yes.

Ryan: But you know, is it okay for me to teach workshops? And like do that. Do I need someone’s permission? I used to feel that I needed people’s permission like I felt like I don’t know that I’m allowed to do a talk and teach people stuff. And then that’s hard. You know, people are hard time like getting over that.

Anthony: Yeah. So, when I was in school, grad school especially, I think the mentality I have was, you see opening a business is like so many regulations and rules to and so you go from like looking to, from teachers and parents and all these stuffs asking them permission and now you have to ask some governmental body or some state thing about regulations and this is same type of mentality. So, when I started doing this all these businesses I was like, “Can I just open a, can I start a business? Like how do I do it? Is this how this works?” I don’t… I think that kind of was a big thing to me when I was like, “Yeah.” I said, “I’ll look it up and do it.”

Ryan: Yeah. You don’t need permission. Just do it.

Anthony: Yeah! And so, when you go out of school you go into a clinic setting. You know “Can I just get a… Can I hire people? Can I just do that?”

Ryan: Oh! Yeah.

Anthony: Yeah. It turns out, you can.

Ryan: I was watching Shark Tank and I… So, maybe I did hear about this before you. I hate to say this Anthony. But maybe it was in there  a little bit. Maybe it just rekindled the old fire inside of me. One of the gals was saying on their… One of the panel people.

Anthony: I’ve still never seen the show by the way.

Ryan: Finish watching West World before you worry about watching Shark Tank. Anyways, she was saying, the gal was saying like “I… What I realized was I stopped asking people for permission and I instead said ‘Try to stop me’”

Anthony: Ooohh… Sassy.

Ryan: Right?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: Isn’t that being unapologetically permission-free? Like how about, instead of me asking for your permission, I’m going to do it and then stop me. Oh, you can’t! You know the great example of this and I don’t want to get political. But look at the election in the United States. Like people don’t have to like you. You could be the most hated probably person in the country and still be elected because of how it works.

Anthony:  Yeah.

Ryan: So like, just because someone in the internet or just because somebody down the street or just because your peers don’t like what you are doing, that does not mean you can’t do it and you can’t be successful.

Anthony: Right.

Ryan: Because clearly.

Anthony: King Trump is definitely living the permission free life! More than anybody I’ve ever seen.

Ryan: Can I say this? Yeah. I’m just going to say it?

Anthony: Do you think he ask his team before he tweets? That is the epitome of the permission-free life.

Ryan: I’ve also heard that in backstage area or whatever for his campaign, there’s sign that said, “Let Trump be Trump.”

Anthony: Smart.

Ryan: What? Don’t tell him otherwise because he isn’t asking for your permission.

Anthony: Smart campaign. One of the example that I used that I supposed to get here, I made this postcard recently. In like 30 seconds, I put together sheets where one sized logo for Perfect Keto, their side is what you would just look at for a postcard and I thought to myself “Like two years ago, I would have researched online. Do I have to register postcards with the postal service? Like, how do I do this?” I looked up a few examples of a postcard look like. Assumed that I would be good and then I printed about 500 of them. I didn’t ask. I just made them and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.  But that saved me five to ten hours than I could then spend doing other things. So, I think the biggest thing for me that a permission-free life grants me is speed to get things done and do more stuff.

Ryan: Yeah. You are not waiting around for some like approval which by the way, you’re really never going to get. You’re just… Make the decision, do it, and stop waiting for permission. Then have that mentality “Okay. Who’s going to stop me from doing this?” I mean, obviously, I am not saying like go do illegal things.

Anthony: But even though if it is let say “illegal.” You’ll see what I am gearing at here. It’s like, for instance, let’s say hiring an employee. Right? Maybe you don’t do it correctly affront or pay the necessary taxes or even… Maybe you overlook something at the beginning, the speed of getting that person ramped up and starting to work for you maybe cost you a couple of hundred dollars, a thousand dollars. Like, let’s say,

Ryan: Like in fines?

Anthony: Like in fines and fees and regulatory stuff or even like billing insurance. Maybe you don’t understand it at first and you try to figure it out what which leads to never doing it versus if you just go ahead and start bailing and start doing something and asking for permission, maybe leads to some not getting reimbursed.

Ryan: Oh yeah. I have a good example of that recently actually.  There’s this gal who went to an independent medical examiner and she’s like “I don’t know if my insurance is going to like keep paying.” “Nah. Just come and I’m going to bill them anyways. Let’s see what happens.” Oh, they deny it. “Alright! Let’s just hire a lawyer.”

Anthony: Yeah. Instead of like “Oh! Maybe if we could. Do we call them?”

Ryan: “Do we ask their permission?” You know what the lawyer says? “Yeah. Just keep doing what you’re doing. We’re good. You’ll get taken care of.”

Anthony: So, even if you are scared and thinking that there might be some downside, the downside is wasting your time. That’s a real downside. Wasting your time by not action. I mean we are all about taking action, you have to get after it thing.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But like, if the worst-case scenario of the choice if you are not sure like if you need permission let’s say. Let say worst case scenario you get fined $500. But think if you have to wait three months and figure out if you can even do it, that is way more than $500. Probably! Think of what you can do and you can go work somewhere for a dollar and make $500 in three months. Like you can’t like in that time you could have been more worrying about what you are trying to do.

Anthony: Why are you working for a dollar?

Ryan: I don’t know. Dollar store. Is that what they call it? I don’t know.

Anthony: They don’t pay a dollar per hour, do they?

Ryan: I hope not! Go to Seattle. You make 15 bucks an hour no matter where you go.

Anthony: Thanks King Trump!

Ryan: What?

Anthony: For the minimum wage increase.

Ryan: I don’t think.

Anthony: That was his thing right?

Ryan: I think it’s the opposite of that.  

Anthony: I don’t know. Maybe, let’s do the dollar thing. I don’t know. Anyway..

Ryan: What are we… So.

Anthony: So. Jinx?

Ryan: Personal jinx. Don’t worry! Three times. You have to stop waiting for permission. Just go do something. Like, go do something that you feel like you’ve been unsure if you are allowed to do it. But don’t sue us. Did we put? Did we put a disclaimer at the beginning?

Anthony: We are not responsible for any of your actions.

Ryan: Disclaimer: The Health Fit Business podcast is not liable for any of actions undertaken by seven listeners.

Anthony: Guys, taken cared of. So, don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid. But be unapologetically. Is that what you said?

Ryan: Unapologetically permission free!

Anthony: Right! So, Challenge Of the Week. COW. The COW.

Ryan: What?

Anthony: The Challenge of the Week.

Ryan: Work of the day. WOD. The Challenge of the Week. COW.

Anthony:  Eat the COW. Eat your COW.

Ryan: No. My dad sent me a text photo message or whatever you call it.  A message photo thing?

Anthony: Image? Photo?

Ryan: Yeah yeah.

Anthony: He sent you a photo?

Ryan: He texted me a photo and it was of a car that had a bumper sticker on, bumper sticker around that said, “Eat that frog!”

Anthony: Did he listen to the episode on that?

Ryan: Yeah yeah yeah.

Anthony: Okay. So…

Ryan: Hey dad!

Anthony: Somebody!

Ryan: I don’t know. Anyways, he listened to that because we were talking about eat that frog. For some reason, I was talking to him about that because I was telling him about podcast

Anthony: Heard the COW.

Ryan: Yeah!

Anthony: It’s a tradition here. Heard the cow.

Ryan: Eat the cow.

Anthony: Eat the cow?

Ryan: Look, people are not going to know what we’re saying here. Point being, what’s the challenge of the week? What’s the COW?

Anthony: Don’t ask for permission.

Ryan: Do something this week that you feel like you’ve been waiting to do because you were not sure if you are allowed to do it.

Anthony: Ooh… Here’s an idea.

Ryan: Okay.

Anthony: Use your Daily Domination Journal and tomorrow in your idea generation section write down five ideas where you cannot ask for permission and then this week, do it.

Ryan: Do it.

Anthony: Choose one.

Ryan: Right. Live the unapologetically permission free life.

Anthony: And

Ryan: Get after

Anthony: it! Bye!

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.