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19 - My Favorite Lesson from Business School: WII-FM - Health Fit Biz


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My Favorite Lesson from Business School

In all educational programs, there is a ton of wasted time, effort, and learning. But there are lots of useful lessons along the way and a ton of gems.

One of the gems for me from business school was from business communications class where we learned about the only radio station human beings are tuned in to: WII FM. 


What’s in it for me. That is WII-FM.

If you want to ask someone else to do something, you need to speak on that frequency.

You have to frame things in a way that appeals to that person’s interests. You can’t expect people will do things for you just because it is good for you. You have to talk about what is in it for THEM.

This applies to all sorts of situations.

If you are a provider, don’t talk about how many certifications you have or anything like that. Talk about how you will help the person in front of you.

When Anthony goes to set up a new relationship with a gym to sell PureWOD, he doesn’t talk about how his product is better than everyone else’s product (although it is..), he will tell the gym why it’s good for them to have that product available for sale (both for the client at the gym and for the gym itself).

It is all about framing.

This Week’s Challenge

This week, your challenge is to frame your next ‘ask’ in terms of WII-FM.

When you want something from someone else, frame it in this way and watch the magic happen.






Ryan: I’m Dr. Ryan Debell. Welcome back to the Health Fit Biz Podcast. This is episode number 19. And before we get into this episode I need to address a couple things. In the last several episodes, probably actually from the beginning, Anthony and I have made an off remarks that we have six or seven listeners. I’ve been getting a lot of emails of people asking do we really only have like five listeners and I don’t mean to make you feel not special but there are more than five listeners. So, let’s just go with that. So, also the other thing I wanna do, tell you about is the Daily Domination Journal. This is the 28-day, the four-week long journal that Anthony and I created, is available for presale at healthfit.biz/journal. It will change your life. It’s $19 for presale. That price goes up December 7, 2016. So if you wanna get one for the best price, order before then. You won’t regret it. Healthfit.biz/journal.

This episode is about one of my experiences from business school which is learning about the radio station WII FM. I’m gonna leave it at that. Let’s go ahead and listen in to episode 19.

Ryan: Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Anthony: Dr. Ryan Debell.

Ryan: Welcome back to the..

Anthony: Health

Ryan:  Fit

Anthony: Biz

Ryan: Ness

Anthony: Pod

Ryan: Cast

Anthony: This is another episode. It’s always an episode. But it is another one. This isn’t a repeat. This isn’t a copy. This is a new original episode you’re tuning in for the first time if you’re listening to it for the first time.

Ryan: A lot of valuable information you were just given by the good Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Anthony: Thank you for tuning in to WI FM.

Ryan: WII FM, the number one radio station of the human race.

Anthony: Gah, what does that mean?

Ryan: Backstory.

Anthony: What are we talking about here?

Ryan: Backstory. As many people know in many educational programs, there’s  a lot of wasted time and wasted topics. When I was in business school, the Foster School of Business in the University of Washington, one of my greatest take aways that I really in retrospect appreciated was from business communications class. And the instructor said “People are tuned in to one radio station.”

Anthony: WII FM.

Ryan: WII FM. What’s in it for me? And you know what? If you’re speaking at a different wavelength, they don’t even hear it. You have to be speaking at that frequency for some to even hear what you are saying.

Anthony: This makes sense from I got a long term evolutionary advantage, right? People need it to figure out what was benefitting for them and to draw at it is a subconscious thought. We’re also gonna die.

Ryan: And.. Okay, let’s.. Another example. Our eyes only see certain wavelengths of light. Did you know that?

Anthony: Yeah.

Ryan: The visible spectrum. Can you imagine if we could see every wavelength?

Anthony: No. That will be party all time.

Ryan: It would be so crazy that you couldn’t make sense of it. And I think similarly, we tune out things that feel are not relevant to us. And if someone isn’t talking to you about what’s benefiting… You know, if someone’s not talking to… Le la.. Words are not… Can you hear the words coming out of my mouth?

Anthony: Yes, I can.

Ryan: So if you are speaking to someone not in terms of what’s in it for them, they zone that out. They tune that out. But that’s a critical mistake because typically what people will do is… Let’s say I came to you, Anthony, with an idea.

Anthony: Pitch me.

Ryan: Most people will talk about how good it is for me to have you involved.

Anthony: Yeah. Very egocentric.

Ryan: Egocentric. So here’s a great example, let’s say I wanted you on my Movement Fix podcast.

Anthony: Never gonna happen.

Ryan: Not until I frame it and speak it in the WII FM frequency.

Anthony: So let’s give an example of what you shouldn’t do.

Ryan: So here’s what you shouldn’t do. Let’s say I was writing Anthony or someone else that I want in the podcast, “Hey Dr. Gustin, I really love it if you could be on my podcast. I think that it would really help me with my listeners and it would be really an honor to have you on.”

Anthony: Who cares?

Ryan: They would be like “Why do I care that you want me on your podcast?” versus…

Anthony: Flattering but no thank you.

Ryan: It’s flattering but okay you have to think about what does that person want. So let’s say it was someone who is selling who just wrote a book.

Anthony: What can I still be pitched you?

Ryan: Okay Anthony wants to… What do you want?

Anthony: You tell me. Tune me in.

Ryan: Okay, I would say “Hey Anthony,”

Anthony: Hi!

Ryan: This is an email. “Hey Anthony, I’ve been looking at what you’ve been doing with pureWOD and I find it fascinating. I think that you could help me spread a lot of great information to my listeners about how to improve their health as well as to let them know about your amazing products and what you’re doing in the world. And we could showcase that to all these listeners who would be very interested on what you have to say.”

Anthony: So version one, which doesn’t make sense, which was “Hey I probably, you know, I have this podcast and I think you’d be great on it because you do this stuff,”  versus version two which is “Hey guys, I’m Ryan and I have this podcast that would be like deliver all the news about your great products and you could help spread the word to a very interested demographic.” Two fully different things.

Ryan: And I’d be happy to talk about your products because I think they’d, I think my customers would love, or my listeners would love your product.

Anthony: One of them I’m helping Ryan and the other one’s Ryan is helping me.

Ryan: Exactly. So one of things I’d do for example the Movement Fix podcast is all tell the person I have X amount of listeners that primarily composed of these people and you know we can talk about all the great things you have to offer that they may be interested in. But when you frame it that way the person goes, “Oh wow! That’d be great.” Like it sounds appealing to them because why? What’s in it for me?

Anthony: And just like if we were to pitch this podcast, let’s say, “Look we only have six listeners but they are the most intelligent, beautiful, and motivated people you have ever met in your life.” Like, “Oh wow! That’s a very..”

Ryan: Yeah, they’re… They’re all about bettering themselves, helping thousands of people, tens of thousands, millions people, billions and trillions and quadzillions of people. But that would be a way to pitch it. So I think that in order to do that you have to think strategically. When you want to approach somebody because you want something, this is just the way the world works. Figure out what motivates that person. What are they trying to achieve with their business? With their… What is their purpose, vision and goal? Try to figure that out. Do your homework. It’s amazing how few people do their homework.

Anthony: Exactly, it’s a… You have another example or..?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Like I’ll get email sometimes from people who want to.. They want me.. “Hey can you,”.. I’ve had some emails like they just got deleted immediately when I read how they wrote the email or like this person just doesn’t get it and I don’t have time to explain to them like… Like they… “Hey, yeah, I’d really like you to review this thing that I’ve done so that I can make it better.” Now.. I have a lot of things I’m working on right now and I’ve literally had that email multiple times. “I need you to review this. I need you to do that. Dah dah dah.” And I’m like,”Yeah that’s not gonna happen” and now I know who you are, you are now on my “S” list.

Anthony: What’s that mean?

Ryan: S-H-I… Shh..

Anthony: Be quiet.

Ryan: My Shh list.. No. No you don’t wanna frame yourself that way when you’re… you don’t wanna gain reputation on being somebody who is like… I don’t know. What would the word be?  

Anthony: Silly?

Ryan: Silly. Selfish like you’re only in it to make you better. You have to frame it in the interest of the person you’re trying to approach. So, I don’t really keep a list of these people because I delete the email so fast I don’t even know.  

Anthony: Well, an example let’s say…

Ryan: Does that mean.. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to help people.

Anthony: Exactly.

Ryan: But there’s only so much time in life, there’s only so much time in the day. I’m more than willing to help people when it’s framed well. But if you’re gonna approach someone cold and you don’t frame it well, and you frame it in a selfish way, people don’t respond well to that.

Anthony: Right. I mean, different example is like, let’s say, one would be like if I am in a trade show and I am sampling pureWOD products and people come up and ask what’s going on with the product. Some people could go  “Well this is a grass-fed beef protein and it has this, this, this feature.” I just start with, “Whoa! What it your goal with nutrition your and working out?” They start telling me what it is that they want and then I start explaining that those products could help them get what they want. So the products help them.

Ryan: Right and that brings us to a whole other topic that we’ll talk about in another episode.

Anthony: About features versus benefit.

Ryan: Feature versus benefits. But exactly frame it what’s in it for them.

Anthony: And the same like, if let’s say I’m trying to on board a new wholesale account, a green micronutrient product. I could say, “Hey our stuff is the best you can carry it if you want.” or I can say, “Look our products are great they’ll help your memories get healthy. They can help provide extra revenue for your gym and they can make those things for you. Are you interested in hearing more?”

Ryan: Right. Totally different frame rather than, “Our stuff’s better than Progenex in SFH and PurePharma but…”

Anthony: “It’s better because it’s this or that. Our stuff is this.”  

Ryan: They don’t care.  What do they care about? What’s in it for me? So is there more to say about this? I think that’s pretty straightforward thing. You have to do your homework. You have to do your research. You have to know what motivates people. Put yourself in their shoes. What are they trying to achieve? How can I frame what I want in those terms? How can I talk on WII FM?

Anthony: So I guess the challenge would be that to tune in to that radio station.

Ryan: The challenge is to, when you approach someone next about something you would like to do, go to the frequency of that radio station.

Anthony: And then once you’re there?

Ryan: Get after it.

Anthony: Get after it.

Ryan: Thank you guys for tuning in to this episode of the Health Fit Business podcast. If you found it helpful, please share with someone that you think it would also help and leave us a five-star rating on iTunes. Make sure also to go to healthfit.biz and sign up for the email notifications to which you can find right on the homepage so that you get all the updated podcasts and blog posts sent directly to you. Until then, we will see you next time.